Best Thrifty Places to find deals in Baltimore

I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket...
I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket…

Hey thrifty ladies and gents of Baltimore (and beyond). I’m the Charm City Thriftanista The time has come for me to actually live up to my name and share some of my amazing knowledge of everything thrifty in Baltimore city. If you are looking for a way to look fabulous for literally any event, or job or just for looking fabulous for fabulous sake…I have a way to get it cheaper.

Uptown CheapskateTimonium, MD

This place is a win-win. The aisles of stuff are reminiscent of a regular thrift store, but the difference is that everything in this store is expertly organized and displayed into a cute little boutique with a nice little sitting area (perfect for boyfriends and husbands that get tuckered out). Uptown’s greatest appeal is that they allow you to swap your clothes for either store credit or for cash. The store credit bid for your gently used and no-longer wanted clothes is usually higher and never expires, or you can take the cold hard cash. Cheapskate offers a variety of clothing and accessory choices for junior and the more mature set, but leans toward a younger aesthetic. Plus-sized ladies may have trouble finding clothing here as the choices are based on what people bring in.  Bonus points: Uptown’s Facebook page consistently posts new items and allows followers to “hold” items for up to 24 hours. Talk about great social media!

Facebook: Uptown Cheapskate on Facebook

Plato’s ClosetTowson, MD

While Plato’s Closet in Towson, is not necessarily the best maintained store (the one in Frederick is a lot better, in my opinion) it is a cheap place to find clothes for your everyday wardrobe. However, this store tends to lean towards Junior’s rather than grown women. They do pull from Towson University, so many of their donations are from college girls (something to keep in mind). Still, this can be a great place to donate your clothing and get some extra cash while picking up some cute dresses. Bring in your items (can’t be in plastic bags) and walk out with new stuff, or cold hard cash. They also have a better skirt collection than Uptown Cheapskate. Usually when I go to one, I hit up the other. Make a day of it, discount clothes shopping in Towson.

Yelp: Plato’s Closet of Towson on Yelp

Killer TrashFells Point, Baltimore City

Elaine Ferrara, Killer Trash owner, and current manager, Brittany create the perfectly executed and expertly curated boutique that makes up Killer Trash. Elaine used to hang with the rock and roller folks in Las Vegas and hang out with Sonny and Cher and Elvis himself, and her collection of used costumes, crazy glittery accessories and amazing oddities is really all the old-school over the top glam you could ever want. Often, they will negotiate prices with you if you’re nice, seem interested and are really serious about a piece. This is the perfect place to shop when you’re looking for evening outfits, anything metallic, or an absolutely amazing Halloween costume. I also find absolutely amazing scarves there, one of the best pieces in my closet, a pink silk scarf with metallic design is literally one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. It cost me $30. Not bad. Be sure to try some haggling, it usually ends up saving me a little bit of cash.

Yelp: Killer Trash on Yelp

10 Car Pile Up– Towson, MD

This is located right in the “circle” near the Towson Mall. Similar to Killer Trash, but with a less sequin induced shock factor, this store sells things from the “good ol days” and has enough crazy pieces to make any hipster happy, while also carrying classic vintage looks for those modern day Jackie O’s. The owner, an older gentleman helps you make sense of the array (a God-send when thrift shopping) and points you towards things that are crazy (like a pair of leather pants worn by Mick Jagger…yeah). Also we had a great conversation about the merits of reclaimed storage spaces, and people that buy them. Consensus: buying abandoned storage spaces leaves you with a bunch of useless crap from the 80’s that no one wants. Purchased a great knife pleat bright pink skirt (polyester likely from the 70’s), which I have worn several times. This store is decidedly more 70’s and 80’s leaning, with a really Rock n’ Roll feel. The greatest part of the store is their jacket (sorry vegans…there is a lot of leather here) collection, and their accessories collection up at the front of the store. Take a while to browse, chat and get a little history lesson at this great vintage store.

Ten Car Pile Up website

DeBois Textiles (Boulevard Boutique/Thrift Store)- Pigtown, Baltimore City

DuBois (which now is conveniently less than a mile from my house, what more could a girl want), is a vintage treasure mine. This place stocks itself with all manner of vintage finds, as well as vintage fabric. As an added bonus DuBois boasts a back room filled with typical thrift store finds. While the location may not be ideal, and the exterior looks a bit dingy. Like any diamond in the rough, DuBois boasts an interior full of sparkling gowns, splashy polyester prints from the 1960’s and walls full of shoes and purses from posterity. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and check in City Paper for their sale weekends which usually discount things up to 50% off.

Facebook:The Boulevard Boutique at DeBois Textiles

Fashion Attic- Fells Point, Baltimore City

This is definitely one of my favorites. Fashion Attic looks like a luxe boutique, but has much cheaper prices. Fashion Attic is my go-to for a wide variety of things, always at a coupon-ed price. This is also a great place for vintage treasures. I have gotten some great 60’s style suits, boots and coats at this place. They also have an excellent social media presence, online store and consistently running discounts and sales. Fashion Attic also boasts a great ebay store for some discount online shopping. Before you go, do a quick internet search or do a check in on foursquare to get a discount. There are ALWAYS discounts or coupons to be had at this store. It’s right next to Bad Decisions bar and near Goodwill…make a day of it by hitting up some great discount stores and then having a great cocktail. Balt-amor!

Facebook: Fashion Attic Facebook

Goodwill Boutique– Fells Point/Mt.Vernon, Baltimore City

Sure, it’s a Goodwill, but it’s a Goodwill in the city. So, replace your regular Goodwill memories (See Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”…”I’m gonna pop some tags”) with a more chic refined second-hand boutique feel. This boutique Goodwill boasts better wares, bigger names and a smaller floor as well as stocking regular Goodwill finds. Finds from this little store include: Marc Jacobs raincoat, glittery gold and navy Charlotte Russe dress, several pairs of gently worn heels and one almost new watch set. Watch their Saturday sales for the best deals, and as with all thrift stores…examine the racks carefully…then examine again.

Yelp: Goodwill Fells Point

If you have any questions about thrifting or pretty much anything in general…except oranges…I have no expertise in oranges email: And expect a somewhat speedy reply.

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Kelly-Lynne is a social media strategist by day,
writer and dreamer by dusk. She loves vintage
and cookies, but not vintage cookies. She lives in
Federal Hill, Baltimore…but not by choice.

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