7 Fall Must Haves

Fall Must Haves
Faux Leather Jacket” $25 Forever21.com, Cape: H&M, $56, hm.com, Fleece-lined Leggings$11. charlotterusse.com. Hiking Socks: $14. jcrew.com, Chealsea boots: $37, forever21.com, hat: you can find this anywhere just get one, Infinity scarf: Pretty much anywhere. Gloves: $22, target.com, Sweater: $40, Gap.com, Tall boots: $32, remy, Justfab.com, Glasses: $95, warbyparker.com.

Ugh! Fall is upon us…okay it’s really not that bad. But it does mean that Winter is Coming, so gird your loins.

If you don’t have these items already, what’s wrong with you? You will wear these every day…seriously…every single day, so get out there and get yourself these basics.

1) A leather jacket: Preferably faux leather, water and beer wipe right off (as does any other liquid…smoothies, coffee…etc). Plus it makes you look tres badass.

2) A cape: These are seriously cool and very rare to see. Set yourself apart by wearing the chic equivalent of a blanket. Curvy girls, pick one that doesn’t go too long…no need to look like a mushroom. Keep your bottoms sleek and streamlined.

3) Fleece leggings: I’m no fan of the leggings-as-pants look, but you know you’ll wear these fuzzy lined leggings a million times during the colder months. You can wear them under dresses and even pants as a substitute for long underwear in particularly cold weather and as a lazy Sunday outfit.

4)Cable knit sweater: Can be dressed up or down and is an immaculate layering tool. Make it preppy or punk, ladylike or boyish…plus it’s sooooo warm.

5) Chelsea boots: Very in style season. Plus you can actually WALK in these. Nothing better than not looking like a baby giraffe on the rough streets of the concrete jungle.

6) Tall boot: Hallo riding boot. I love you. Just make sure to pair with non-cotton amazing boot socks otherwise hello sinky, cold feet.

7) Cold weather accessories: Try to find glove you can text in…or at least hold things in that also look chic. Leather gloves do the trick. Infinity scarves are a must…go get one…or you know….one for every outfit. Hats mess with your hair, but you’ll be warm. Just add some glossing serum and dry shamp when you get to work and you’ll be fine.

Bonus: Accessorize with Peppermint Mocha latte, Warm (spiked cider) or just a cute flannel button down.

About the author:
Kelly-Lynne is a social media strategist by day,
writer and dreamer by dusk. She loves vintage
and cookies, but not vintage cookies. She lives in
Federal Hill, Baltimore…but not by choice.

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