5 Favorite Finds at the Madewell Baltimore Store Opening!

Madewell store opening header

This Tuesday, I had the opportunity to visit the opening of the new Madewell Harbor East, Baltimore Store. Sparkling wine and refreshments were served as we mingled with Maryland Style Bloggers and Baltimore fashionistas and perused the (packed) new location!

Madewell specializes in well made basics (especially great denim) and beautiful minimalist jewelry and simple bags that feel simply elegant.

My top 5 favorites:

1) Champagne and sweet treats!! (#sorrynotsorry)

photo 1 (3)

Shopping with Prosecco and cake minis (from CharmCityThriftanista favorite Cafe Poupon!!) is the only way to go.

2) This elegant Lariat necklace

Madewell jewelry

I love this lariat wishbone necklace!! $32, Madewell.com

3) These beautiful leather monogramable bags!

photo 2 (4)

These bags are simple, elegant and come with the option of custom monogram options. #wishlist price varies, check Madewell.com

4) These simple but edgy cuff bracelets:

photo 2 (3)

More great jewelry from Madewell. These simple gold bracelets are $24 each at Madewell.com.

5) This perfect everyday jean jacket:

photo 5 (2)

This jean jacket is so perfectly distressed and divinely cut! I want to wear it with ALL THE THINGS! ( a splurge at $118, Madewell.com)

Thriftanista recommends: Be sure to check out Madewell if you’re in Baltimore, they are offering a bunch of sweet incentives…so watch their Facebook for deals! Also, they are offering $20 off a denim purchase if you bring in your old jeans! #score 

What do you look for in the perfect denim? Does Madewell quench your denim thirst, or give you the blues? Let me know in the comments below…

About the Charm City Thriftanista:
Kelly-Lynne is a Social Media strategist by day,
writer and dreamer by dusk. She loves vintage
and cookies, but not vintage cookies. She lives the
beautiful Mount Vernon, Baltimore City.
You can find her at @kellynner on Twitter!


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