12 Questions with Charm City Thriftanista: Liebster Award

 CCT bio pic
Hey! It’s me, Kelly-Lynne!

How did you come up with your blog name?

I live in Baltimore which is known as “Charm City” and I wanted to center my blog around thrifting and getting a good bargain but still being very fashionable and keep the focus on my wonderful city. I just started working in DC, so I might be expanding the range of my blog to include the DMV area.

Why did you start your blog?

My friends kept asking me where I got my outfits, and didn’t believe me that my stuff was second hand. So I, of course, had to prove it to them. CCT was born as a resource for them, and for people who want to look amazing and keep a budget.

What do you love most about blogging?

 Getting to share what I love with other people! Learning new social media techniques to market my favorite client: me!

What was the most ridiculous but very cool fashion trend you followed? 

I had these really cool mustard colored pleated cropped linen pants in 2011. They were very British and cool. My ex HATED them, but I was obsessed. I got them from this really cool line that Sears did for a British brand.

One goal you wish to accomplish this year?

I just started a new job in community management working with the VA on a project, and have SO many goals. I really want to learn to code some more and become more autonomous as a blogger and an employee. My dream is to be like Huck from Scandal and just be like “Yeah, I got this…I got this too, and this.”  I really want to be more consistent and more fearless as I learn more and start to refine my looks. While this blog is largely a fun outlet for me, its ability to create a niche for me in the field I’m passionate about (fashion/beauty) is an awesome opportunity that I am unwilling to let go of easily.

What is your favorite social media site?

This is like asking me to pick my favorite child (if I had kids)!  Yes, social media sites are like my children. I just really like social media…which is why it’s my day job. I’ve been really into Instagram lately and think it has tremendous advantages for me as a blogger.

If you could travel to only one place this year where would it be and why?

South Africa, I was born there and my extended family all lives there. I’ve dabbled a little bit in South African cooking and get CONSTANT snapchats of my cousin’s farm in the Bush. I love elephants and could die happy if I saw one in the wild. Hopefully, next year! 

How would you describe your personal style?

Feminine, timeless, creative and minimalist as well as likely pre-loved by another classy lady. I do love me some fru-fru, but it never works out for my body type and makes me look insane. I have been trying to get great tailored pieces that have an edge, are feminine and are timelessly simple. My on the job style is very polished and minimalist, my free-time style is more laid back and a little hippie-ish, and my going out style is starting to be more unique, edgy and feminine. 

Spring or Fall fashion?

I like me a good fall outfit, but let’s be honest, I have an obsession with pastels. Every year when those pretty pink, minty green and creamy frothy get ups come out I nearly die of happiness. Spring is my season.

If you could choose one store to shop at, your entire life, which store would you choose?

Modcloth. I love you Modcloth. You are beautiful. You are out of my budget. It’s a problem. I get lost in Goodwill. Probably I would choose Goodwill. That’s where I find my best finds and where my love for fashion really started. I could live at Goodwill forever. There are beds there so it’s totally feasible. Liketwice.com is a close contender. 

What is one fear you would like to conquer?

Fear of taking pictures of OOTD’s. I need to learn how to control my boyfriend better. (ahah! Love him!). Getting up the gumption to pose in the middle of a public place for thirty seconds is terrifying to me. I’ve never been super photogenic and I’m not comfortable in the spotlight in that way. Nevertheless, look for some more CCT (full-body!) pictures coming soon.

Thanks to fellow Baltimore Style blogger, Legally Charming Style, for nominating me for this award! (Sorry for taking so long to do this!)
Blogging ladies that I’d like to nominate for the Liebster award:

My old roommate and all around stylish lady: J is for Jord

@Rachel_marissa whateverislovelybb.tumblr.com


@my_beatboutique (Myrna) – mybeatboutique.blogspot.com

@rejoiceinthejourney www.rejoice inthejourney.com

One thought on “12 Questions with Charm City Thriftanista: Liebster Award

  1. i think the more you take pictures in public the easy it becomes. I say start small (say your neighborhood) before you venture out like the big dogs. lovely blog btw. xx lovejoystyles.com

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