The Low Low Style Gift Guides: Gen Z Vibe Check

While this guide may be geared towards Gen Z…it’s also a gift guide for those young at heart who still haven’t really figured out a basic skincare routine or those that just really like Bugles. I mean…why not? While tiktok trends change every day these gifts won’t stop giving, bestie.

1. “Camera” Round Original Oil Painting, Tara Barr, $125. 2. Rainbow bath bomb, Steadfast Supply, $12. 3. Cow print scarf, Tuckernuck, $28. 4. Mixed Metal Tassel Earrings, Sassy Confetti, $16. 5. Cashmere sock trio, Shop Park Story DC, $65. 6. Shibori tie-dye makeup pouch, Tulusa, $64. 7. Indie Lee Discovery Kit, Take Care, $29. 8. Snack Earrings, Relume, $14. 9. Plant Addict Pin, Penny Post, $12.

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