Gift Guides: Shop Small for The Mamas in Your Life

If you’re new to my guides, I create them with a MAJORITY of products from local stores and local makers in the DC, DMV, and Virginia area.

There’s a reason I am releasing “For the Guys” and Mom’s gift guides first! Moms and dudes are often the hardest people on your list to shop for–and the most likely to not give you any clue about what they want and purport to “have everything they need.” The key to gifting for Moms is to get them something they’d never get themselves, replace something that has seen its time (a chipped mug or ragged wallet for instance), makes their life easier, or get them something that allows them to spend more time with the ones they love. This guide makes getting the moms in your life the perfect gift!

See all my gift ideas on my Pinterest Mama’s Guide

Gift Ideas for Moms:

  1. Mama 18k Vermeil Ring, $68,
  2. Fair Trade mug made in Vietnam, $23.75 Trade Roots store,
  3. Candlefish Candle “Sweater Weather” gift set, $36,
  4. Mama bracelet, $50,
  5. Self-Discovery Journal Prompt Cards, $40,
  6. Fair Trade Coin Purse, Guatemala, $20,
  7. “Funny Things My Kids Say” journal, $28,
  8. Embroidered Spa Monogram Bathrobe, $126.
  9. Colorful File Organizer, $54,
  10. Protective hand care set, $72,
  11. Lil Gratitude journal, Zenit journals, $8.50,
  12. Furry Handwarmer/Snow Scraper for Car, $28,
  13. Rifle Paper Company sticky note set, $18,

See all my gift ideas on my Pinterest Mama’s Guide

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