Gift Guides: Shop Small for Parisian Femmes

Every year I make a gift guide that is basically just stuff I want to receive, like, and already have. Really I didn’t know what to call this board other than “Stuff I want” …so Parisian Femme is what I came up with. I have pretty great taste (even if I don’t say so myself) so why not share it with all of you so that you can co-opt my good taste for the folks in your life that also have good taste.

Some links may contain affiliate or sponsored links, these links help to compensate me for the incredible amount of time each gift guide takes, and never cost you anything! Thank you for supporting me, and these small businesses, by shopping my links!

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gift guide for Parisian femmes

Gift Guides for Femmes:

  1. Self Portrait Purse, $480,
  2. Poodle Earrings, Pretty Kitty, $19,
  3. Row Houses Art by Cris Clapp Art, $35,
  4. COMRAD compression fuzzy socks, $32,
  5. Sophie Blake necklace, $350,
  6. Vintage Cameo pins, $28,
  7. Hermes Coffee Table Book, $35,
  8. My favorite tortoise shell sunnies, $22,
  9. Jefferson Lane bows, $75,
  10. Fireworks headband, $55,
  11. Clutch, $34.95,
  12. Scarf (Oak Bluffs & Other Beaches), $48,
  13. Spice n’ nice coffee spices – Rose Cardemom, $19.99, (For anyone that enjoys a Rose latte as much as me!)
  14. LELE SADOUGHI Bow headband, $55,

See all of my favorites on the Pinterest board

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