10 sites for fashionistas on a budget

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Asos.comthe million trick pony

This store revolutionizes the way that you think about online shopping. They deal only with e-commerce so they know what they’re doing. Asos stocks a wide variety of brands (including their own) and has a really broad spectrum of prices and styles. They have sales ALL the time and offer a 10% to college students (although, truth be told, it’s easy enough to hack into the whole university discount thing). Their stock is really awesome and creative and everything on the site is completely different from what you see everyone wearing. No terrible “who wore it best moments” to be had. They also stock “Asos Curve” for plus sized, “Asos Petit” for our shorter ladies and “Asos Maternity” for those of you that find yourself with child. Bonus: free shipping BOTH ways. This site is amazing.

H&M.com- the long-awaited newbie

FINALLY! Fashionistas have waited for the moment when this store would finally open up its US online store and that day has come. No more sifting around to find stuff in their usually super busy physical stores, now you can browse and find your size  online while you watch Orange is the New Black and eat Dominos on your couch.  #winning. You can also find their more exclusive stuff like their Plus Sized collection and their kids stuff (you know…if you are one of those motherly types).

Poshmark.comthe social one

This site (and app) are completely different from anything you’ve ever used before. 1/3 Pinterest, 1/3 garage sale and 1/3 online shopping, this site allows users to buy and trade their stuff online in a Pinterest-type of marketplace. Prices range from very low to very high depending on how much the user wants to sell for…think consignment. Poshmark does keep a bit of the revenue, and shipping for each item is around $5, but this site is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a great variety. Bonus: members can request to trade and bundle items from other’s “closets” or shops.

UniqueVintage.comthe bombshell

I love modcloth…everyone does. But who has that much money? Sorry modcloth, but you’re pretty pricey. Enter, unique vintage. This site has the same awesome feel of modcloth with vintage-y type stuff but at a much lower price tag. If you’re into the rockabilly pin-up thing this is basically your own personal mecca. They also sell great gowns and swimsuits. Bonus: 20% off your first order! YAY!

Forever21.comthe convenient trendy one

If you’ve ever been to a Forever21 you understand the appeal of shopping the store online. If you’re like me you can NEVER find your size or even any of the things on the mannequins in the in-store version. This site has everything organized (unlike in-store) and you can find your size and their capsule collections A LOT easier and  keep your sanity. Look for airy dresses, great edgy trend pieces and cheap basics. Bonus: Online only exclusives!

NastyGal.com- the edgy sexy one

This site epitomizes cool and edgy. The styles are a little provocative (the name IS NastyGal obviously) but they’re definitely trendy and probably way cooler than anything you’re wearing now. Think cut-outs, leather accents, studs, bright colors and L.A. swagger. They also have a vintage shop where you can shop (mostly 80’s and 90’s) vintage styles. Bonus: No one will have the same dress as you…or half of a dress. You’ll look so cool that people will just assume that you are awesome. Man approved.

SoleSociety.comthe well-heeled one

By far the best shoe site I have ever laid eyes on. These aren’t gaudy 6 inch heels that look like they’d be worn by Jersey housewives. NO! These are works of art! They’re appropriate, creative, wearable and beautiful shoes. The flats that dreams are made of! Everything (at least that I’ve seen) is under $70. They also have purses and accessories that are pretty amazing.  Bonus: The genius that is Julianne Hough has created a line for sole society that is AmAyyyZING!

JustFab.comthe monthly delight

When you buy something on Justfab ($20 off your first order) they automatically sign you up for the subscription. If you want to skip a month you have to do it by the 5th of the month, or you can order or just keep the credit for next month. JustFab  markets itself as a shoe website, but their shoes pale in comparison with their bags. The bags on JustFab (around $35) are cute, sturdy and look like much more expensive designer options. I have about three already and they are all really on trend and look like real leather. Have a couple of my friends obsessed with this site already. Bonus: You can rack up points from purchases and get a free month or other goodies with your points.

LuLu’s.com- the smarty pants

Lulu’s is the essential online shop. They excel at trends, budget pieces and even have a beauty store that pretty much rocks. They totally know what their doing, and have a great user experience while browsing. Lulu’s also has free shipping both ways, which as you know, can be a lifesaver. Lulu’s tends to have more girly pieces and be more ladylike than asos. They also don’t have as many sizes, but they definitely have a lot of stuff to chose from mostly under $50. Good with me! Bonus: You can click on something that is out of stock and Lulu’s will notify you by email when they get it back in stock. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

Francesca’s.comthe magical jewelry attic

This mall store comes alive online with all their great jewelry and cute dresses. This store feels like a unique boutique despite the fact that it is in malls the nation over. Francesca’s really excels at jewelry which is cheap, but not cheaply made and is really beautiful while also being trendy. Bonus: Their gift shop is full of cute, quirky things to give your friends and loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries and any other occasion.

If you have any questions about thrifting or online shopping…email: Kellynne6(at)gmail.com. And expect a somewhat speedy reply.

About the author:
Kelly-Lynne is a social media strategist by day,
writer and dreamer by dusk. She loves vintage
and cookies, but not vintage cookies. She lives in
Federal Hill, Baltimore…but not by choice.

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  1. @MegansBeadedDesigns definitely! I have this high-waisted swimsuit from UV…it’s polka dot. I’m in love with it and it was only $60. And it’s the REAL high-waisted not the the sort of mid-navel kind. (-;

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