Walmart Steps it Up a Notch….(fashion-wise)

That’s right, you didn’t read incorrectly. Walmart, the place that you pick up pens and overpriced half bottles of milk while watching old obese people riding a scooter also has some pretty kickin’ fashion choices for the Fall season. Bear with me. You don’t have to set foot in a store to get a hold of this stuff (no crying babies or waiting in line for an hour while the woman in front of you arranges millions of coupons). It’s all available on for either home delivery or delivery to your home store for like…99 cents.

I digress. Check out this really cute collection of vintagy-girly pieces from Walmart’s collaboration with Bella Bird:

Bella Bird Women's Street Party Skirt. I'm dying rt now. Omg this is cute! $19 walmart

Bella Bird Women’s Street Party Skirt, $19.00,

This is actually a bundle. You get a sweater and your choice of skirt and color.

Bella Bird Women's Tie Front Cardigan and Skirt Outfit Bundle. OMG ARE YOU CEREAL! Walmart- BUNDLE $39 for both. Geniusssss

Bella Bird Women’s Tie Front Cardigan and Skirt Outfit Bundle, $39

Bella Bird Women's Ferry Ride Skirt. Walmart $19

Bella Bird Women’s Ferry Ride Skirt, $19. Comes in three colors.

Bella Bird Women's Sea Charm Skirt. Walmart $19

Bella Bird Women’s Sea Charm Skirt, $19.

Also, Walmart is offering some great Fall picks and summer stuff that is cheap, but totally on trend. Check out this great collection from Stitch.

More on Walmart includes some great trend pieces like….

Stitch Women's Square Neck Belted Dress. Walmart is killing it lately...$17.88

Stitch Women’s Square Neck Belted Dress, $17.88

This great Summer to fall transition piece:

Stitch Women's High Low Overlay Tank Dress. Walmart. $17.88

Stitch Women’s High Low Overlay Tank Dress, $17.88

Stitch Women's Faux Leather Pleated Skirt. Walmart again. Excellent job! $16

Stitch Women’s Faux Leather Pleated Skirt, $16.88

This super cute, but sadly not yet available pencil skirt:

Stitch Women's Cutout Detail Pencil Skirt. You've outdone yourself walmart. $15.88

Stitch Women’s Cutout Detail Pencil Skirt, $16.88

and this super creative and actually really accessible patterned dress:

Stitch Women's Color Blocked Bodycon Tank Dress. Very edgy cute. $18.88 at walmart

Stitch Women’s Color Blocked Body-con Tank Dress, $18.88

Regardless of how you feel about Walmart, it’s undeniable that they’ve really stepped up their fashion game this year and have a bunch of cute stuff for really cheap. Definitely worth checking out this Fall!

About the author:
Kelly-Lynne is a social media strategist by day,
writer and dreamer by dusk. She loves vintage
and cookies, but not vintage cookies. She lives in
Federal Hill, Baltimore…but not by choice.

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