NYE: Need. More. Sparkles!

This is essentially what I’m wearing tonight…however, since my dress is EPIC levels of short and I fully plan on getting down and joining in any impromptu cuddle puddles that might happen, I’m wearing a skirt over it so that all of bmore does not see my bum.


My version of the dress was $30 at this little store on Broadway in NYC

On the agenda tonight: House party with girl group and extraneous college friends as well as bringing some other friends from my other group that were misplaced when other house party fell through. Can’t wait to drink pink champagne, dance like a crazy person and ring in 2014 with many hugs (maybe kisses…not promising anything).

This year has been pretty darn great as far as years go, and I can’t wait to move forward with another fashionable year to come. So grab a drink tonight, tell the ones you love that you adore them and make a wish at midnight. For tonight we are young, and tomorrow….we have hangovers.

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