17 Affordable Picks for your Summer-Fall Transition

Fall Favorites


That weird time between Summer (HOT!) and Fall (Less hot…) is upon us. Kids are going back to school. YOU may be going back to school (Hello Masters degree!). We all need a couple things to transition us between these two seasons and back. Check out what I’ve been scoring for Fall in the great end-of-Summer sales:
1. Trench: Mine is a find from Twice, but it looks pretty similar to this Burberry version here. Mine was about $30. Get $20 your first order with Twice…it’s awesome. Do it.
2. Wear with everything blazer in tailored black: Again this is replica of the Ann Taylor blazer I bought from Twice. It cost about $30 but worth MUCH more. It’s longer, has pockets and goes with everything in my career-girl wardrobe. I keep mine at work for when it gets chilly or I inevitably spill coffee all over myself.
3. Edgy topper: Another piece from Twice. This blazer has a boxy feel to it and is all business except for the pretty bada** leather sleeves. The one that I bought is from Ann Taylor originally, but I got it at twice for $24. STEAL!
4. Statement coat: This is my “splurge” this season. This light pink boucle coat is both boxy and ladylike! Can’t wait to wear it in the chillier Fall weather. It sort of looks like a very beautiful chic blanket. I’m about it.
5. Versatile shorts…that actually fit: Because it will still be warm enough to wear these into October. Get them in a neutral color that you can pair with more fall-y colored things (the technical term for that, obviously). The ones I picked up from J. Crew were on SUPER SUPER sale for $17-$20. Pro tip: Sign up for their emails so you can be in the know for when things are super cheap!
6. D’Orsay flats: My beautiful, blush pink d’orsay flats are a find from Aldo. They’re my favorite color and look stunning with pants and skirts. Also, who doesn’t love a shoe that makes you feel like you’re not really wearing shoes? I do. Mine were $24 on a very nice sale at Aldo in Baltimore Gallery Mall.
7. Comfortable chunky wedge sandals: So sometimes Groupon is really good for fashion! Who knew! These shoes retail at Urban Outfitters for $80 but I got them for a cool $24. If you’ve never tried out G. H. Bass shoes, I feel sorry for you. They make shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable. Not fashion “comfortable”…ACTUAL comfortable. I seriously feel like I could wear these heels walking all around the gritty streets of Baltimore with nary a blister in sight. Highly recommended.
8. Back to School heels: Who doesn’t like a back to school shoe, even if you’re just really going to the same work you were always going to. You don’t need school to get that same nostalgic Autumn back-to-school feeling. These cute shoes are not only totally appropriate for vintag-y outfits (let’s be honest, I’ll be swing dancing in them), they also will look great with work dresses. These are on-sale at Modcloth for $28…which is kind of unheard of for them. They also offer you a sweet discount for your first order.
9. Peep-toe Booties: Ever since I got the word that you can wear (some) peep-toe shoes with tights, I got really excited. These booties will look great with bare legs and summer dresses and with thick sweater tights and sweater dresses. These boots (originally from Chinese Laundry) were on clearance at Francesca’s for $24. They’re sold many places, including the DSW link above.
10. Fancy-schmancy penny loafers: Think you can’t rock the tomboy look? PSH! Think again, lady! Nothing more ladylike than metallic gold, slim fit loafers. These look great and low-key but chic with ankle pants, A-line skirts and other mod clothing items. Definitely an Audrey Hepburn approved shoe style. I picked these up from my new obsession, ThredUp (mine were $13!!!). They’re originally from ShoeMint, ($40) but you can find many other styles in various metallics very reasonably. If you find a good rose gold style, hit me up!
11. Hands-free cross body bag: This Janie purse is from Sole Society and goes with many outfits due to the nice brown faux leather and wicker basket look it’s got going. It also opens up via zippers on the side to hold all the things I “need” to lug around with me. I can’t stand having to hold clutches, but i suppose if you’re so inclined this can also be a great clutch, but I’m all for a cross body. It was originally $50 but is on sale for $25. Sole Society also offers discounts for first time orders. Get on that.
12: Playful Studs: My favorite animal is the African elephant. My boyfriend and I have a running joke about me being a baby elephant…though that sounds weird now that I say it. These studs are a cute way to remember my spirit animal. I hate giant earrings, so these are the perfect size for me. ModCloth has them on sale for $6 right now, they are $10 regular sale.
13. Fashionable but GOOD headphones: These Skullcandy Bombshell headphones came free with my $60 order at Birchbox a couple months back and I absolutely love them. They have spectacular sound and mine (a maroon color with floral) are very classy. They’re available at SkullCandy ($50) and come with a cute little coin purse carrying case to match.
14. The perfect nude: David was pretty good one, but this lipstick is better. L’Oreal Paris is doing a Privee Collection with different actresses (Julianne Moore, J.Lo, etc) and their chosen “nudes” in lipstick and nail polish. All of the colors are really beautiful and understated and come in a range of colors designed to highlight your skin tone. I particularly like the Julianne Moore lipstick ($9, for my fair, rosy skin tone) and the Jennifer Lopez perfect greyish-purple nail polish.
15. A Signature scent: So truth be told, I’m actually the anti-signature scent, I have SO many of those little samples hanging out in this box on my vanity. I just love the idea of a signature scent and the romance of that notion. If anything was my signature scent, this would definitely be one of them. My little 1 oz. of Chloe came from a particularly inspired trip (online) at Sephora. Look out for sales and samples with purchase from Sephora to score luxury perfume at free or very cheap prices.
16. Girly coffee receptacle: Have you been to Kate Spade Saturday? Okay, so maybe don’t…because you will be addicted afterward. Kate Spade=cute and very expensive. Kate Spade Saturday=cute and less expensive! WIN! This little mug was $10, with a discount on your first order! YAY! Coffee just tastes better in a cute mug. These mugs also come in more pastel colors.
17: Versatile watch: Lately I haven’t really been wearing watches because I get universally annoyed with things on my wrists and hands and then inevitably take them off and lose them. But no more! Today will be the day that I am a classy, refined, poised young woman who can tell you the time at a glance of the wrist. We all have dreams, okay. This watch comes with two straps for those of you that want more decisions in life and has a classic, clean watch face. I found this at Francesca’s on clearance ($14), but you can also find it for $30 on the site still.
About the Charm City Thriftanista:
Kelly-Lynne is a social media strategist by day,
writer and dreamer by dusk. She loves vintage
and cookies, but not vintage cookies. She lives in
beautiful the Mount Vernon district in Baltimore City.

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