How to Change your Nail Color for Fall – ( Plus Free Nail Color Sampler Box!)

Fall Weekend Getaways

Old Navy hi-lo v-neck sweater

Monki trench coat
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H&m pants
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Forever 21 weekender
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H M circle scarf
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$11.20 for Mavens

This outfit will take you on all your Fall adventures, from crunching leaves, to picking up your favorite latte to spending QT with your family. It’s cozy, comfy and in all neutrals looks luxe and put together.

 I love how neutrals remind me of luxury. Of cashmere. Of freshly cleaned Egyptian cotton sheets and soft suede couches. Of perfectly executed cappuccino art.

I’ve always been a sucker for pastels, but when I realized (circa 12th grade) that they couldn’t be my exclusive wardrobe choice, I moved on to neutrals (which are basically the same thing..but for adults).

Confession….I’m not very adventurous with nail color. Around this time of year, everyone is getting ready with their sparkly jack-o-lantern Halloween mani pedis (if you’re into it check out my pal J is for Jord who has all the pretty ‘ween manis) and I’m just over here rocking beige digits. Literally, my terrible chipped nail polish is the same color as my pasty skin. Not great.

 The folks at Julep are here to change that! I took their quiz at and got “Classic…with a twist” which I’m guessing means my nails want to channel Audrey Hepburn with just a dash of Rihanna….Neutral-trendy. Trueutral? Neutrendy?

 Julep nail colors are vegan/veggie lady friendly. Super fast drying. Affordable. Very luxe and they have a CLUB that sends you boxes of nail polish each month. Get your first month of Maven boxes free here. FREE NAIL POLISH wooo!

Use this guide to help you make your transition to fall colors. I particularly love the “Alaina” shade which is a dead ringer for my top pick nail color L’Oreal Paris “Greyt Expectations.” Love me some dusty purple!

Julep fall

I’d like to pass the challenge along to my roommate and Disney Halloween mani lover at JisforJord. What is your favorite Fall color and how would you accessorize for Fall?

How about you, Thriftanistas? How do you transition for fall? Are you still trying to get some mileage from your summer colors (even if only on your toes)? Tell me in the comments below or me your questions at @Kellynner on Twitter!

About the Charm City Thriftanista:
Kelly-Lynne is a Social Media strategist by day,
writer and dreamer by dusk. She loves vintage
and cookies, but not vintage cookies. She lives the
beautiful Mount Vernon, Baltimore City.
You can find her at @kellynner on Twitter!



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