Everyday Look: Affordable Fall Beauty looks

Everyday Look: Affordable Beauty looks

I’ve been wearing makeup since I awkwardly applied the makeup I stole from my  mother on my 1 hour bus ride to school in the 8th grade. Safe to say, I’ve been obsessed since then. I always had a penchant for painting and art and my face is the best (and most portable) canvas there is. These are my tried and true go-to’s for every makeup look. These are the basics that will get you the farthest for the cheapest price. The reviews don’t lie! These products make the man….or the woman! Enjoy!


the Balm by L’Oreal Paris in all colors (especially “Nourishing Nude” and “Rose Elixir” ), Target.com, $5.39
Revlon JustBitten Balm Stain (Matte, glossy or original!); Target.com, $6.19


Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray (Get it in Travel and Full Size), Sephora.com, $14-30
Smashbox Primer, Sephora.com, $15 Trial Size
CoverGirl Foundation; CVS.com, $11.99
Lorac Tantalizer, Amazon.com, $32


Wet and Wild shadow trios, CVS, $2.99 (Gold, pink, sand- “Walking on Eggshells”) (Pink, sparkly grey and lilac;”Silent Treatment”)
Covergirl perfect point eyeliner (also use as eyebrow pencil), Target, $4.79


L’Oreal Colour RicheNail polish in Greyt Expectations (my favorite color); Drugstore.com, $5.99
About the Charm City Thriftanista:
Kelly-Lynne is a Social Media strategist by day,
writer and dreamer by dusk. She loves vintage
and cookies, but not vintage cookies. She lives the
beautiful Mount Vernon, Baltimore City.
You can find her at @kellynner on Twitter!

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