This App is Here to Revolutionize Shopping: Meet your New Best Friend, Shopular!

*Full disclosure: I was compensated for this post and received monetary payment in the form of  gifts/swag*



If you’re anything like me, you get a little bored of all the “new apps” that come out promising to make your life easier, but end up being just another annoying thing you have to check and keep up with.

Shopular is not that app.

Shopular app (free for iOS and Android) provides avid users with a repository of weekly circulars and sales at your drugstores and Target as well as your mall favorites like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic it even reminds you when you’re near a store (#dangerous) by making a “cha-ching!” sound (pro-tip: turn off your notifications or turn off your sound). I’ve been using this app for almost a month now and have used it nearly every day. I obviously love providing my users with great sales and discount codes, and if you love that too, you might as well check out this pocket version.

****Pro tip: You can turn the notifications off if you’re trying to stick to your budget and don’t want too much temptation every time you happen to walk/drive past a CVS.*****

Shopular also allows you to keep all your store coupons in one place. Instead of printing out that GAP coupon, or carrying around your weekly circulars with you…Shopular streamlines that process and allows you to click to download the coupon and page through that weekly circular all from your phone. You cannot believe how valuable this is when you’re on the go all the time, like I am.

gap shopular image

Shopular also provides their own content and faves from stores like CVS, Target and others.


I LOVED this shirt dress at Banana Republic…but at over $100, it was not within my price range. A quick look at Shopular showed me that Banana Republic was running a sale, and even gave me the online code and coupon barcode. Easy button!


Not only does Shopular cover you when you’re looking for mall brands and online retailers, it also is your best choice when sifting through circulars when you do your couponing. I frequent CVS about ten billion times a week to try to strategize my coupon game, and Shopular streamlines that process by housing my CVS circulars in the blog and lets me save certain pages as a bookmark.

cvs shopular

I highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking to compare, store and access all their couponing needs in an easy to find place. Happy couponing, people!

shopular couponingSome couponing inspiration brought to you by CVS and Shopular! Good luck out there couponers/deal snaggers!

**Full disclosure: this post contains affiliate links**

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