Savers Grand Opening in Owings Mills: CCT Reports

*Full disclosure: I was compensated for this post and received monetary payment in the form of a gift card*



My trip to Saver’s new thrift store in Owings Mills was really awesome! I found lots of great stuff including some sweet sweet maxi dresses for summer and some necessities for my new apartment in Alexandria ( I know I know!! But I will remain a Baltimore girl forever, I promise).

CCT savers pic 5


I honestly have never been to a Savers…I know! Shocking! There’s just not really one near me, that’s why I’m so glad that a Savers has opened up in Owings Mills, MD. I come and visit my fam in nearby Eldersburg every Sunday, and my visit usually includes hitting up Goodwill with my sister and cousin, so it really could not be a better location.


My mission was to use my Saver’s supplied $50 gift certificate to get some easy, breezy summer essentials and also get some needed items for my new apartment. My boyfriend, Matt, also accompanied me for moral support (and to try to convince me not to buy stuff that was too insane). Savers offers housewares, men’s clothes and shoes, women’s clothes and shoes, children’s clothes and shoes, a variety of books and media products and furniture and home accouterments.

The first section we hit up was housewares. I picked up a vintage-style looking alarm clock, a decorative basket, a handheld wisk and a new bread knife (CARBS ya’ll…they won’t cut themselves).

CCT Savers pic 6

Then I mozied over to the dresses section while the boyfriend went in search of finding some sweet dude swag. By this time Savers was PACKED with deal seekers eager to take advantage of the new space. I muscled past a couple over-eager cart drivers and perused the dresses (though there was one woman straight up FARMING the dresses in my size…not cool, bro!).

Found a bunch of great maxi dresses in my size including this printed spaghetti strap maxi, this blue hi-low hem Target dress perfect for summer vacation and this cool ocean-wave looking caftan that is DEFINITELY coming with me to the beach this weekend and fits PERFECTLY with my blue, white and red theme!

CCT Savers pic 3

Fits in all the right places!  

CCT Savers pic 2

Definitely pairing this one with a belt!

CCT Savers pic 1

 Great for the beach! Top with big floppy hat!

Next, I headed to the shoe section and found these great pointy mod flats that will be really cute with A line skirts and work attire.

Before I left, I picked up a reallllly soft Banana Republic navy blue blouse and a cute elephant crop top (Elephants are my favorite!) I found hanging on a return rack.

Thanks to our cashier Daria (told her I loved her name and I dressed up as her a few Halloweens ago…not sure she got that one)!

CCT Savers pic 4

Thanks Daria! *Best name ever!*

If you are in the area, I definitely recommend a trip to Savers Owings Mills. Matt and I hit up Friday’s (for baby back ribs) after…so make a day of it (or night!)

Savers is now accepting donations and also has a really cool rewards program that gives you percentages off every time you  donate, so check that out too!


Savers Owings Mills
9800 Reisterstown Rd,
Owings Mills, MD 21117

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