10 little things that will make a BIG difference in 2016

1) Poopouri to go: If you drink as much coffee as I do you know this is an essential. Many of you were introduced to Poo-pouri via they’re insanely twee commercial a few years back, but now they’ve gone and made a to-go spray that you can throw in your bag. Also this just looks like some kind of fancy perfume, not poo spray!

poopouri to go

Amazon.com, $6.99, several scents*

*Thrifty tip: essential oils also coat the surface of toilet water, so if you’re into it you can also put essential oil in a diffuser/spray to get the same effect as the name brand.*

2) Fitbit or movement app – I got my Fitbit for Christmas and am in LOVE with it! I can track how many steps I take, see my heart rate, track workouts and it even tells me when I’m getting a phone call. The Charge HR is a little bit pricey, but for a cheaper fix check out the variety of Fitbit models or even an app for some tracking without the cost. Learn more here.


Fitbit Charge HR, $129. Various retailers.


3)A phone case wallet that also holds your metro card or any other card you use all the time – This is my lifesaver! I have my phone, my metro card and my college ID (still works!) all in my phone case! I got mine for really really cheap on Amazon, and it saves me so much stress and hassle when traveling around the city. Definitely a time saver and a sanity saver for those of you that are forgetful, like myself. This is a good one if you like a girly aesthetic, or use this one which is a little more professional. There are tons on Amazon that will fit your needs. Just make sure that it is a fold over (book style) so that you don’t have to take the phone out and you can take pictures with the case on.

phone case

Amazon.com phone case, $3.99 and up*

4) A purse organizer: Now on sale at the container store! I have this one from Amazon and it’s sturdy and has a TON of pockets! Basically you slip this in your purse and instantly you have a million pockets to hold all your things. When you change bags you just pull out the organizer and place it in the new bag! PRESTO! Now you don’t have to worry you left your chapstick in your other purse…it’s all in the organizer.

Amazon.com, $14.99 and up*

5) A shopping/extra bag that folds up small enough to fit easily in your purse or pocket: This is something my mom actually got me into..basically these are little fabric shopping bags that fold back into their self contained pocket that is about the size of your fist when folded. I have these in all shapes and sizes (mostly fruit shaped??)…and I use them for everything from toting dry cleaning, to using as a Trader Joe’s bag to using as a dirty laundry bag for travel. Additionally, they work GREAT as beach totes because they’re hecka cheap and they drain easily so you’re not ruining your nice totes with sand and wet bathing suits.

fold bag

Amazon.com, $11.99 for a multipack*

6) KeyRing app: This app holds all your essential loyalty cards, library cards, frequent buyer cards and anything else with a bar code. If you like the crazed soccer-mom look, then by all means, keep your million loyalty card key ring…if not…use this app and save yourself a lot of trouble by keeping all those cards in one handy app. Get the app for free here.


7) A cocoon organizer for all your electronics and wires: This padded sheet with lots of rubbery stretchy straps may look weird but it’s about to organize all your electronics so you can slip them in your purse or laptop bag (or even hang them up via the handy hook loop). Seriously this is one of the best $12 I’ve spent in my life. I keep all my chargers, cables and headphones looped up in here as well as my solar charger (see below) for easy grabbing. This is especially useful for when I’m on a call and need my phone charged IMMEDIATELY, or when I’m fumbling around my bag on a flight. This one from Cocoon is great as a smaller option, but there are several with even more pockets or bigger surfaces too!


Amazon.com, $11.99 and up*

8) A portable (preferably solar) phone charger: Guys this is everything. If I use one thing every day…besides my phone…it’s this charger for my phone. Have you ever been somewhere late at night and wanted to call an uber…but BAM your phone is out of juice? Or been camping/hiking or at a festival and had no access to chargers for days on end? Meet the portable solar charger. This guy can be charged in your wall as well as by the good ol’ sunshine! Crises galore averted!

solar charger

Amazon.com, $37.99 and up*

9)Dark Sky app: By now I’m sure you have a trusty weather app on your phone (I use Google weather for seeing temps in different areas before I travel there)…but you if you haven’t downloaded Dark Sky yet, you’re missing out. This weather app tells you how long  you have to dash to the train stop or to your car before it starts raining. Planning a bike trip or a Target run…Dark Sky has got you. It also has this cool feature which tells you when it’s about to DOWNpour so you can dodge under an overhang before the deluge. Definitely every penny if you walk outside or bike, public transit commute, or are planning an outdoor activity of any kind.

dark sky

Available for iPhone and iPad, $3.99*

10) Smartwool or other trail hiking socks: Okay so this is definitely not my most fashionable advice…but TRUST me (especially those of you in cold and snowy areas) these guys will change your LIFE. It’s all fine and good to have regular socks you use during summer…but in winter you need a heavy duty sock. Plus, thick socks won’t even be visible under your cute boots. I got a variety pack at Costco recently for $11.99 that is both soft AND padded in the sole. That’s what you’re gonna want when looking for hiking socks…thickness, durability and that comfy feel in the sole. Your feet will thank you! Check out these ones on sale at REI outlet!

smart wool

Smartwool socks, REI Outlet, $12.94 (sale price) and up.

*Additional tip: I’ve included lots of links to Amazon here, but did you know you can shop Amazon and also give back to your favorite charity…just by SHOPPING! Yes! Please consider starting at smile.amazon.com BEFORE shopping amazon and setting up an account so that a portion of your purchase will go to a charity of your choice. Trust me it’s easy!*


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