What I Wore: Winter and Travel, travel, and more TRAVEL!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! I’ve traveled from Northern Virginia to DC to Baltimore to northern Pennsylvania to Boston back to Baltimore back to DC and then to Orlando, Florida….all in under 15 days! WHEW!

I didn’t have time or patience for choosing clothes that aren’t at best “athleisure” and at worst “normcore” bordering on just plain ugly. This is definitely a sportier side of me (aka dirty hair, sneakers, Tevas and the same pair of high waisted Old Navy leggings). Whatever. #noshame.


En route to Florida, chilling in the Columbus, OH airport. I don’t really believe in being super uncomfy on planes. It’s not like I’m Taylor Swift or something!


The day I wore this it was HECKA cold! I’m wearing my hiking socks and shoes with some thick leggings and my ski jacket. The hat is from Columbia. BRRRRR!


#ootd’s from Florida while shopping in their sweet outlet mall in Orlando. The skirt in the first picture is a clearance rack find from one of Target’s recent capsule collections. The shoes (which obviously make my legs look AMAzE!) are from Old Navy and are actually REALLY comfy. The second picture is a compilation of stuff from Forever 21+. I bought the vest …you can buy it here.

I highly recommend a long vest for everyone. It’s highly translatable to many types of outfits: work, sexy outfits, chill outfits. It’s a great piece!


I think a theme among these photos is: athleisure and not giving a single eff about not being comfy.

The hideously ugly shoes I’m wearing here are called Tevas. They’re normcore and I don’t even care. They’re amazingly comfy and this photo was taken at 8 am…I had been awake since 2. The shirt is from Old Navy’s workout stuff…I believe it is sold out now…but here’s a link to their sweet workout duds anyway.





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