3 Sustainable Package Free Updates to Make Your Life a Little Greener

Becoming more sustainable and reducing the amount of waste that I produce is something that I think a lot about. Unfortunately, overhauling your entire life at one time is cost-prohibitive and hard to stick with. I’ve been taking this whole sustainability thing one step at a time. I’ve rounded up some of the products that I’ve actually been using every day that have really been a revelation as I try to make my whole life as plastic-free and carbon neutral as possible:

Lush “Naked” Deodorant

Lush Aromaco “Naked” Deodorant: $6.95 per 3.5 oz

I picked up this “naked” deodorant in California after my native deodorant sample that I packed for the trip ran out. I wanted to try to find a totally package free deodorant and I love that this one can come in any size (just as an employee to cut a slice for you) and can be stored in one of the metal reusable tins that Lush sells. I got a square shaped piece and then just rub that on my underarms. I’m not 100% sold on the smell, but it does work pretty well.

*Heads up that your pits will have to adjust to natural deodorant if you’ve been using an antipersperant. MegaBabe makes a great mask for this that you can try for a couple weeks to adjust.

Grove Collaborative Packaging Reducing Cleaning Products

$24.95 on Grove Collaborative (with subscription)

My obsession with Grove Collaborative has inspired me to clean….or at least have REALLY cute cleaning supplies! I love that this brand not only sells the basics like Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation, but also their own brand which boasts MANY packaging-free options like this awesome laundry set, and this “concentrate” set for surfaces you need to clean. Since the packages are re-usable, you can just keep the same spray bottle or dispenser and then send the pouches back to Grove for them to recycle! SCORE!

Love Beauty and Planet shampoo and conditioner bars

$4.99 at target.com

I truly wasn’t sure about these bar version of shampoo and conditioner, but I knew I wanted to cut down on the insane amount of plastic hair product containers that ended up in my recycling bin. Unlike other “bars” these come in just a 100% recycled and recycl-ABLE cardboard box NO PLASTIC! I am in LOVE with the rose scent of the shampoo bar (you know how I feel about rose scented stuff) but I’m also diggin’ on the coconut scented conditioner bar. This shampoo is formulated with out sulfates and specifically for colored hair. It’s also made from ethically and naturally sourced ingredients…score! You can find both the shampoo bars and the conditioner bars at Target (though often they’re gone) or order them from Target.com like I did. Truly, they can be a little difficult to find but you can also find them on Amazon and Urban Outfitters.

Have you tried any of these? Have they worked for you? Answer my story in my Instagram for a chance to be featured on my IG! ❤

3 thoughts on “3 Sustainable Package Free Updates to Make Your Life a Little Greener

  1. Love how you are committed to being and doing better!!! Recycling and repurposing is also on my mind a lot. The amount of waste I produce etc. Really makes me want to try these new products!!! As always thanks for your inspo!!!

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