DC Bloggers Closet Sale: Shop TheLowLowStyle’s Closet at HUGE Discounts

This Sunday your favorite DC Bloggers will be hosting a closet sale at e-Lofts in Alexandria from 10 am – 2 pm and you CANNOT miss this.

You know I LOVE to thrift! You know I love second hand online (ThredUp and Poshmark and I have a VERY good relationship). But you know what I love even more than those? BLOGGER CLOSET SALES.

Hands down the best stuff at the cheapest prices I have ever gotten have been at blogger sales. Meg Biram’s studio/closet sale a few years ago with some other local bloggers sticks in my mind as one of the best shopping days of MY LIFE.

Blogger Closet Sales=Deals, Deals, Deals!

Welll..guess what? Sunday is your chance for a truly life-changing shopping experience. How do I know that?

1. I’m friends with many of our fave DC bloggers and we have been working SO HARD all week on making this sale as amazing as possible.

2. Just take one look at the list of amazing bloggers selling their closets on Sunday (below). I MEAN!

3. I can’t wait to shop this sale…and I’m selling in it!

From top left: @TheLowLowStyle, @acourageousbeauty, @classymcarthy, @sayheydc, @trendyintartan, @asseenonkathleen, @andimarrs, @ambitiouslycierra, @thecarlychic

5 Tips for your first blogger closet sale:

Never been to a closet sale or a sample sale? Here a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Get there early (our closet sale opens at 10) to get the most selection. Items the bloggers have brought are one of a kind so if you’ve seen any of us promo something specific you’re gonna have to pounce! I’m not selling anything but one or two things over $25 so I’m hoping to have my stuff go QUICK!
  2. Wear leggings and a cami and layer on top of that so you can try on clothes right on top without needing a dressing room (tbh I don’t even know if there IS a dressing room so come prepared).
  3. Bring a reusable bag (or two or three) with you. This is my advice for nearly any shopping situation, but especially this sale since your friendly local bloggers will NOT be sourcing bags for you for the most part. Come prepared!
  4. Barter! See something you want but want a discount…ASK! Additionally, check out my stories for a special discount!
  5. Use this sale as an opportunity to get to know your favorite local bloggers! We will definitely be working, but please chat with us…we’re so excited to meet you in real life!


Will you be coming to the closet sale? Let me know in the comments and be SURE to check my IG stories for that discount! I’ll see you there, friend!

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