15 Gift Guides: What To Buy From Local Small Businesses

This year, I’ve watched small businesses close, move from long-held brick-and-mortar locations to online-only, downsize, and have to rethink everything and get creative just to survive. While A**zon has been a source for home-reno stuff I’ve had to get while the pandemic rages, I try my very best to support the amazing small businesses that we have right here in the DMV. These “little guys” do a great job of shipping nationwide and are run by people I know as friends.

These gift guides represent the parents, kids, female-owned, Black-owned, POC-owned, one-person-owned, hardworking small businesses making their way in the DMV. I urge you to buy small this year, as small-businesses continue to close and community-members continue to lose their livelihoods. Every time you buy something on one of these guides a person who pays taxes, employs locally, and who lives not far from you and me does a happy dance. These are the people who will remember your name and than you for your 100th purchase, who will be personally upset if something happens with shipping, or who crafted your gift with their own hands. That’s something that makes a gift truly special.

TO USE THE GIFT GUIDE: Click on each picture to open up a Pinterest board where you can shop directly from the retailers!

The “Quarantine Heroes”

This is for the couple that has literally not left the house since March. We respect their dedication to infection prevention…but also we wonder how they’re doing it. Get them some of these real nice house things so they can keep up the good work!

*Inspired by my in-laws

Spoons: Lemoncell Boutique, Coffee Art Print: Riley Sheehey, Tea towel: Marcella Kriebel for ShopMadeInDC, Cookbook: Marcella Kriebel for ShopMadeInDC, Snake plant: Indigro for ShopMadeInDC, Cutting board: Adam Godet for ShopMadeInDC, Blanket: Makers Collective for Lettie Gooch, Cast Iron Conditioner: Mason & Greens, Quarantine Candle: Unwined Candles Sykesville, Mug: Red Barn Mercantile, Trivet: Trades of Hope

The “Dude Abides”

Why are guys so hard to buy for? UGH! Every year I work myself up over what to get my Dad, hubs, bro, Father-in-Law and Brother-in-Law. This guide is basically just a compilation of stuff I think they would like. Men are varied and they have their own personality (lol wild, right!), so you will have to just use this as inspiration.

*Inspired by my Dad, Father-in-Law, and Andrew

The “Art Lover”

This guide is for the friend that doodles on every scrap of paper, has their bookshelf color categorized, or has a growing art collection on the one empty wall in their apartment.

*Guide inspired by Tyler Calder

The Influencer

Okay….so if I’m being honest I did start this board to let my family know what I wanted for Christmas…but I decided to let you all in on the fun because if you have a SIL or aunt that’s similar to me these are my FAVES. I fully just bought this Underbares set and cannot wait for it to come in the mail. The blue Mischo nail polish sits prettily in my medicine cabinet, and the Unwined candle is my favorite scent “Lady Baltimore,” the headband from Erica Knickely, and the mask from Flaneuse Millinary are some closet mainstays.

*Inspired by me

The “Experiencer”

If you, or someone you love, is more of a “buy me experiences” type of person. These are the perfect anecdote…plus, many of these are zoom compatible or something they can do at home. I’ve taken the drawing class at The Art League (where I used to work) and it’s a great introduction for all sorts of art mediums.

The “Pet Parent”

For the friends who named their pet a human name and it confuses everyone. These gifts are for Susan’s mom and dad.

The “Mixologist”

Have friends whose true love is their bar cart? Have they been posting videos of them decanting whiskey, or doing a quarantine wine tasting? Yeahhhhh. Maybe they’re really just drinking a lot…but at least they make it look fancy. These gifts are for them…or people you just can’t figure out what to get!

The “Susty Queen”

Do you know someone who LOVE sustainability? This is the thrifter, the recycler, and the person who ALWAYS washes on cold and walks to brunch. These pics are sustainable, compostable, reusable, or help make your susty friend’s life more green in general.

*This guide inspired by Jacqui the Susty Queen

The “Self Care Babe”

Okay, but like for real, who hasn’t been obsessed with self care this year? These items will make a great addition to your #SelfCareSunday and help you to center before another week of working from home or covering yourself in PPE.

The “Tik-Tokker” (but make it Chic)

This guide was inspired by my little sister, but she says she’s “not cool enough” for this gift guide. However, this guide is perfect for the 12-25 year old in your life (honestly, some of the hardest to buy for) or for anyone who is #obsessed with pop culture and activism.

*Inspired by CJ

The “Wannabe Parisienne”

Do you need a gift for the person in your life who watches “Emily in Paris” a little too unironically? Did they cancel a trip to Paris this year because of Miss Rona? These gifts are PERFECT.

The “Mamas”

For the Mamas, the grammas, and any older woman who you want to impress with a gift this year! These self care type gifts are inspired by my own mamas, my mom, mother-in-law, and Nan!

*Inspired by my momma, Nan, and Mother-In-Law

The “Cool Kids”

What are my favorite gifts EVER to buy? That would be for my nieces and nephews of COURSE! These favorite little friends deserve presents that are as cool as them. Part educational, part fashionable, and part totally fun…these gifts are perfect for kids ages 0 – to 5 years old.

*Inspired by C, C, and K

The “Outdoor Enthusiast”

The inspiration for this board was my outdoors-loving brother and his girlfriend. They love hiking and all things outdoors. I’m also obsessed with these City Bonfires candles that you can roast marshmallows over!!!

*Inspired by Rich and Mercy

The “Locals”

This board is for the local DMV folks who just LOVE their home. While we do have absolutely crappy traffic, the DMV is a great place to call home. These gifts make a great addition to new homeowners (or apartment renters) that have settled in the DC-MD-VA area!

*Inspired by my home

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