Where to Buy Cute Face Masks for Your Next Trip to the Store

Face masks by local businesses

If you’ve taken a #maskie in the last few months, you’re not alone! Super high fashion and super cute cloth face masks have been popping up more and more ever since CDC recommended wearing cloth masks for the public to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. However, if you’re anything like me, realizing the fact that cloth face masks aren’t going anywhere both has you mourning your favorite lipsticks and also secretly excited to have another opportunity to show your face mask style in this new pandemic society we live in!

Obviously, face masks serve the very practical purpose of protecting those around us from catching our germs, wether we have symptoms or not, but they also can be incredibly beautiful and fashionable on their own. Since I always stan products from (my mostly local and mostly woman-owned) small businesses, I’ve gathered up my favorite mask designs and sellers so you can find your next life-saving fashion accessory:

*A recommendation for washing masks: Line dry or air dry masks after they’ve gone through the wash to make sure the elastic and fit is maintained.

Tanya Taylor

These are probably my most-worn masks that I have. Not only because this is unofficially the summer of Tanya Taylor and they match my Rent the Runway TT rentals, but also because they’re made extremely well and fit snugly around my face, even when I’m dripping sweat in this summer weather. These masks are sold out on the Tanya Taylor website, but they’re still available on ShopBop.com.

Flaneuse Millinery

These masks are what you pull out when you want your face masks to be haute couture little works of art that compliment your outfit. Angela was trained by Coco Chanel’s millinery, and uses her skills to make beautiful hats, headbands, and now masks! Her masks are hand-sewn, made from deadstock from designers like Carolina Herrera, and are creative and beautiful. If you want a million compliments on your mask, Flaneuse Millinery is your best choice! Shop all of the haute couture face masks at Flaneuse Millinery and make sure to follow them on IG for more!

Dmaran Design x Tulusa Goods

Two businesses, both sell beautiful and locally made masks and have a wonderful collab togehter! You can find the full selection of headbands and masks available at @DmaranDesign on Instagram! Plus, you can order via DM. Tell them I sent you (trust me, they know who I am! I’m obsessed!) The best thing about this option is you can match your headband to your mask (see some examples of headbands here). I have the one on the far right that has been handprinted by Tulusa Goods! Buy Dmaran designs matching sets on their IG, and you can also buy handprinted mask sets directly from Tulusa Goods too!


MzEclectic is a recommendation that came from IG! Keep sending them, folks! Ebony is also a thrift-enthusiast so that’s pretty much all I need to know to know that she’s really cool. Her masks are colorful and cool, handmade, and come in several different styles (some of you definitely have a favorite type already). She has even made reversible masks! MzEclectic is a local DC-owned business, a Black-owned business, and a woman-owned business. Buy masks, and also clothing at MzEclectic’s site.

Mimi Miller

Mimi is a great local designer, who I have modeled for a little bit before. She makes sustainable, minimalist clothing, and she has started making masks. These are by FAR my husband’s favorite masks, and he loves that the gingham literally matches everything he owns (I took him shopping at Gap early in our relationship to get him basics in blues and greys). These masks are high quality and the elastic is very snug! Buy either a one pack or three pack of Mimi Miller masks here.

Undeniable Boutique

Masks that you can sip a marg or your iced coffee through?! THAT’s RIGHT! Thanks to Blonde in the District for letting me know about these amazing masks from Undeniable Boutique in Fairfax. There are 6 styles for this mask, and the ear loops are adjustable. I wore this yesterday walking around in 90 degree weather and it was just fine. Also, these masks have a dark inner lining which is great for those of you that already have a slew of stained light-colored masks. You can buy all the cloth face mask styles at Undeniable Boutique.

Christy Dawn

The original Christy Dawn sustainable (deadstock) masks were a little light for my taste, but their newest iterations are much more enforced around the edges, and seem to be a sturdier fabric. This is a fantastic sustainable option, in a variety of patterns and fabrics. These masks are good for summer as they are made out of light cotton or silk, but they still do the job. Shop Christy Dawn masks here.

Erica Knicely

Erica is a one-woman maker and these repurposed face masks made from vintage cloth table cloths are just adorable! She’s in high demand as more and more people realize how truly beautiful her masks (and repurposed clothing) are. Erica made me special all-white bridal masks and I’m very in love with them. Erica will be restocking 7/30! So set your reminders! Purchase online at EricaKnicely.com or keep track of drops on IG (TheLowLowStyle recommendation)!

Freres Branchiaux

These three brothers (they’re all young men under 15, and honestly isn’t the the cutest company pic you’ve ever seen) make fantastic candles, and also started making masks. They’re a DC-local, Family-owned, and Black-owned business! I could wax poetic (punintended) about this company and how they give back part of their proceeds to the homeless, or how their candles are refillable, or how they literally gave me stickers with their faces on it (adorbs)…but I will do that in a later blog post round up of some of my new faves! Buy their adjustable face masks and face gaiters here.

Cloth Face Masks in 3 styles, $15 per mask, freresbranchiaux.com

Nubian Hueman

This DMV-owned, female-owned, and Black-owned small business has come HIGHLY recommended from several folks on Instagram! This hub for Black and Brown creatives is a treasure trove of lovely things expertly curated with goods from local makers! They have a store front in DC and in Baltimore (two of my most beloved cities!) and an online store so you can buy from anywhere. You can purchase masks (and more matching headwraps!!!) from Nubian Hueman here.


Another Blonde in the District recommendation, byVINNIK has unique and beautiful beaded and adorned masks. This female-owned fashion business creates statement masks for those that are making their mask the focal point of their #ootd. They also sell a “drinking” mask which has a flap that lifts up and allows you to drink via a straw! Plus byVINNIK donates to the front line with every purchase made. Shop byVINNIK masks here.


Everlane’s masks are good for those who need a lotta masks that match a lotta stuff fast. They’re 2020’s hottest print (aka tie-dye) and they’re probably best for outdoor exercise or something where you’d need a more breathable mask. This style has attached loops made out of the same fabric as the rest of the mask. Buy Everlane’s cloth mask 5-pack here.


ShopMadeDC is a great place to buy a variety of other DC small businesses, including favorites: Bailiwick Clothing (a local DC, Black-owned business) and Street Smart Tailoring. Their mask selection has a lot of great finds, and also shows off your DC pride! Love how the store is curated from local makers, and every item you buy is special. Buy masks from ShopMadeDC’s local makers on their website.


SunGod’s masks are cool with a capital C! This DC-local, Black-owned fashion brand is the epitome of cool and chic (you should follow SunGods and fashion designer LaShawn’s IG’s immediately!). The masks are made from fabric sourced from Ghana, Nigeria and the U.S. plus, they also look like they have high quality ear loops which makes ALL the difference! Also, if you can’t get enough of the matching face mask/headband trend that is SO 2020, SunGods has matching facemask/headwrap sets available too! Buy SunGods face masks and headwraps here.

Black Squirrel

Are you looking for a never-ending selection of mask prints to match every outfit? Local Veteran-owned, DC-owned, and Black-owned business Black Squirrel has got you covered (literally). Renata has a selection of about 24 fabrics to choose from, including DC-pride, Raven’s (I know a lot of you readers are Baltimore bae’s), batik print, camo print, and even just basic solids for everyday wear. Her masks come in children’s sizes and adult sizes (perfect for when you want a Parent-child twinning moment) and you can even order them with filter pockets. Choose your fave face mask style on her shop here.

The Carolove on Zazzle

Blogger bae, Caroline, has been making these adorable masks available on Zazzle! If you’re into pop culture, cute stuff, and fun prints, this is your shop! You can follow Caroline on her blog TheCaroLove.com or check out her IG for cute #ootds. Buy The Carolove masks on Zazzle here.

Diament Jewelry

DC-local and woman-owned fave Diament Jewelry is a treasure trove of a million things you didn’t know you needed until you go there and then you want every single item in the store. This is a great place to pick up gifts for friends, or send a friend a care-package. They have packs of masks, and even this bridal mask set (sending love out there to my fellow Corona brides and grooms!). Browse a full selection of their (just restocked!) face masks here.

Capitol Hill Clothiers x Brixton and York

If you’re looking for a mask to compliment your expertly tailored suit, these masks are your perfect match! Capitol Hill Clothiers is a DC-owned local business that focuses on bespoke tailoring and cool details for suits (peep their suits that have super-hip printed linings that match these masks). I haven’t seen a lot of masks that match a more masculine aesthetic, but these are perfect, and the prints are honestly just so cool! I love the National’s newspaper print, especially for baseball season! Buy Capitol Hill Clothier’s masks on their Instagram, and send them a DM to order your favorite print.

Do you have a favorite place to buy masks? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be updating this blog as I get more recommendations!

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