In Search of the Perfect Booties: The Look for Less

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta get some booty!

If you haven’t heard already, Chelsea boots, the low-heeled, short booties that everyone’s been wearing are really really popular right now. There are tons and tons of styles that are cute and functional, but the cutest I’ve seen so far have been these beauties from Seychelles.

Seychelles ‘Scoundrel’

The Search:

The first place I saw these awesome boots was in the window of a Baltimore boutique that I love, but can rarely afford in good conscience. The price tag was a whopping $166. I love my Bmore boutiques but there was no way I was going to hand over that much cash, no matter how cute!

Second stop on the internet (from the safety of my bed in comfy PJ’s) was Zappos where I found the “Seychelles Scoundrel” for the listed price of $130.. a little better, but no dice.

After a rare sale spree at Modcloth, I again found the boots. This time on sale (oh Modcloth, how I love thee!) for $91 (regularly $130). Yeah…not good enough.

Amazon had this slightly cheaper version from Steve Madden available…but even $108…I’m not about that life:

Steve Madden Women’s Cinch Ankle Boot, from $108 on

Then I stumbled upon GENIUS. (which is pretty solid for boots of all kinds under $50) had a GREAT look alike pair. Bippity boppity boo, they were in my checkout and all mine! Whew. So glad I was able to get these boots. Best part? They were $40 total with shipping and handling.

Image, Buckle wrapped Pistol Booties, $34.60.

Overall the boots are great. They have some cutout details as well as having some really cute buckles. They’re lower than the Steve Maddens which I think is a little more elongating. I would go down a size if ordering the GoJane…they’re a tiny bit big, which is fine if you’re wearing big socks. They look really cool with fancy socks, so bring  your A+ sock game, ladies.

I plan to wear these on my week-long New York City vacation with my South African extended family I haven’t seen in 20 years. Hoping to look like a chic badass in the City That Never Sleeps.

About the Charm City Thriftanista:
Kelly-Lynne is a social media strategist by day,
writer and dreamer by dusk. She loves vintage
and cookies, but not vintage cookies. She lives in
Federal Hill, Baltimore…but not by choice.

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