NYC Vacation: The Packing Meltdown

Tomorrow I’m traveling off to NYC (with my great aunt, aunt-aunt and my cousin…and my sister for the weekend) for a week of super fun Wintery-Christmas-y-big-apple stuff. Of course, as any girl would, I’m sort of freaking out about what to wear in the City that Never Sleeps…oh the HUMANITY.

How is it possible to pack all my coolest, slouchiest, Isabel Marant-iest things without breaking my back like a freaking tourist pack mule. Well my dear Thriftanistas, I have created a list, one that no one else seems to have compiled on the interwebs for those of you that are in my same predicament. So here goes, the NYC Winter Fash List to end all NYC Winter Fash Lists.


To Pack:


  • Snow boots (boots with the furrrrr)
  • Cargo boots (Le sapphic chic)
  • Chelsea boots (see this post for more about these)
  • Wedge sneakers (Isabel Marant-esque but bought for $5 at Rue21)
  • Black flats
  • Running sneakers (because my aunt and cousin insist on that X-fit)
  • Tall black boots


  • Black turtleneck
  • Grey angora fuzzy sweater
  • Grey cable knit sweater (H&M $25)
  • White cable knit snuggle sweater
  • Black blazer


  • Lace cami, black and white camis
  • Striped long sleeve boatneck
  • White v-neck T-shirt
  • Denim Chambray shirt
  • Emerald green lace crop shirt
  • White button down
  • Black/white dotted button down
  • Black leotard
  • Wrap print shirt
  • Workout shirt


  • Silver printed brocade mini skirt
  • Black mini
  • Skinny jeans (Charlotte russe $25)
  • Skinny colored pants (Charlotte russe $25)
  • fleece leggings, cotton leggings
  • Workout leggings
  • PJ pants


  • Cat dress (H&M)
  • Silver shiny dress
  • LBD

Outerwear/Warm wear:

  • Waterproof anorak with furry hood (H&M $59 on sale)
  • Faux leather jacket (F21 $15 on sale)
  • Fuzzy angora hat
  • Cable knit beanie
  • Infinity scarf (Brightside boutique $30)
  • Fur-lined leather gloves (Wilson leather $24)


  • 6 underwear
  • 2 regular bras
  • sports bra
  • sports socks
  • 5 pair regular socks
  • 1 pair warm boot socks
  • 3 pair black opaque black tights, 1 pair pretty tights
  • 2-3 scarves to change up the look
  • 1 going out bag, 1 cross body bag
  • Jewelry and pretty things to accessorize

Can’t wait to shop in NYC and find some really cute things as well! More photos and posts to follow!

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