5 Subscription boxes that will get you out of your Winter rut

Whoo! We made it through brave warriors of Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon 2016! By now you’re probably about to try taking a flame thrower to all the snow in the backyard (don’t do this…cautionary tale) or hop on the next available plane to Florida. Sadly, if you’re like me, you’ll probably just be very selective about the time you spend out of the house and really just need a way to make your boring winter days more interesting. Here’s some ideas for sweet subscription boxes that come right to your door (you know if the postal workers can get there or whatever):

  1. Club W: 
    Pick three or more wines a month and they’ll send you them in two business days. When you enter the website you take a quiz with your different likes and dislikes (you can choose how many red/white bottles you want as well), the quiz will then recommend some bottles for you! The wine comes in a big ol box with menu cards and information about each wine and tasting notes, which just adds to the super cool wine delivery experience. This is a monthly service, but feel free to skip months if you’ve met your wine spending budget.
    Price varies, skip months no penalty, 50% off your first purchase of three bottles (My total came out to around $25 for three bottles of wine! WOOO!) 
  2. Birchbox:
    You’ve probably heard of Birchbox by now, but it does not cease to be totally awesome (and affordable!!). For $10 a month, Birchbox will send you deluxe samples of makeup, skincare, cool gifts (I got a Alex & Ani bracelet one time), and even additional little snacks and yummies. After you sample each product you can go on the site and earn points toward full size product by giving reviews to the site (about $5 in points possible per box). Then you can redeem your points for stuff on the Birchbox site, which if you haven’t checked out, is EXTENSIVE and not only skincare and makeup related. Also, I’ve found customer service to be really helpful if anything goes wrong with delivery (because my delivery people are totally clueless!)
    $10 a month, month skipping not an option.
  3. Gwynnie Bee:
    If you wear a size 10 or over in clothings, this subscription site is totally worth looking at. For $34.99 you get a basically the Netflix of clothing, one at a time, sent to your house. When you’re done with your dress or outfit send it back and Gwynnie Bee will send you another. In my experience, they often bump you up to an upgrade (1 item at a time upgrade) for most of the subscription time, so if you’re looking at adding item upgrades, just wait for one of these sweet perks. Additionally, GB customer service is AWESOME! When my awful postal people have misplaced my box, they replace it and QUICK! I would definitely recommend this service for curvier girls looking to never wear the same thing and try out some great plus designers!
    $34.99 and up a month, first month free! 
  4. Graze:
    SNACKS! I mean, need I say more. This service sends you healthy and delicious snacks every week. You can skip weeks if you have a little bit of snack overload at the time. You can customize the kind of snacks you like (salty, spicy, sweet, CHOCOLAT-EY!) and they just send you a bunch of them right to your door. NICE.
    $11.99 for a week of boxes, skip anytime, first box FREE! 
  5. Allure Beauty Thrills:
    This is technically not a subscription, but I’m including it anyway because it’s awesome. Every season, the good people of Allure magazine put together a winning list of both drugstore and higher price brands into a giant box of awesomeness. Usually there are about 30 products in total and they usually add up to several hundred dollars worth of product all for $50 (plus tax and delivery). While this may seem like a lot, if you spend $15 a month on things like shampoo, body wash, deodorant, makeup, skincare products, hair products, etc. then you’re actually spending more. The box usually includes shampoo, conditioner (FULL SIZE), body wash, hair stuff galore, lots of great skin products and some added makeup and tool type things. Overall it’s a really great value, so much so that it usually sells out in just a few minutes! Gotta be quick if you want this one!
    $49.95 (plus shipping and tax), once a season.
    *Allure also has a beauty box subscription, I haven’t tried it out, but it seems pretty cool ($15/month)*

Enjoy! Any I should add to the list?


***Full disclosure, this post contains referral links, but these sites are vetted and fully approved by yours truly.***


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