A Date with Myself: #BestDayEver

This last weekend I had a whole day with absolutely nothing to do and was feeling a little down due to my boyfriend being several states away and a particularly stressful work week. Stuff had really started to compound and I was feeling less and less like myself and needed a day to spend with my longstanding favorite company: myself.

Here’s what I did, which hopefully can inspire you to take your own day to get back to yourself.

Some tips for a self date:

  1. Plan: You wouldn’t go on a date without having a plan! Same thing for your date with yourself. Make a plan of what you want to do in the day, take time to really enjoy each part of your plan, and of course make time for spontaneous adventures! What do you want to get out of your day? Bring a journal or a book and wear comfy shoes and bring your map!!
  2. Pack light: Don’t bring an unnecessary amount of physical or mental baggage into your date. This is a day for you to not work but to listen to that still small voice inside and find who you are. It’s not for answering work emails or doing an abnormal amount of social media-ing. I did take some pictures and fun snaps, but that was part of the plan. You might want to not even do social. Also, don’t bring much in your bag….there’s no need. You want to physically feel light and feel mentally free!
  3. Participate: So often when you’re usually out in the world alone you’re not participating with anything. On your date, make sure that you participate, listen, speak up and interact with the world around you. Be mindful. What does the coffee smell like, what does the barista’s face say about the coffee, what is the person in line talking about, is it interesting? I met so many (nameless) but awesome people on my one day just because I was not in a hurry and paying attention.

What I did (aka the plan): 

  • Birchbox Store: If you’ve read my blog even a little bit you know I ADORE Birchbox. They recently opened a store in the Rent the Runway (another fave!) store in Georgetown and it is AWESOME! For $15 you can compile a CUSTOM Birchbox box and shop some of their great wares. I made an awesome box with two of Claudalie’s Micellar Water (LOVE micellar water), some great dry shampoo, a little Kate Spade perfume and a sweet smelling hand cream. I also picked up their PH changing lip balm from their new Arrow line which is super cool. There was a bachelorette party in front of me and they were having so much fun and the woman that helped me was talking to me all about makeup and skincare stuff and I was in my ELEMENT. I could have seriously stayed there all day. But sadly, I knew I had to leave. My wares were packaged in a “Best Day Ever” Birchbox bag, and I knew that is EXACTLY what it was. #bestdayever.


  • Baked and Wired: Soon enough I got my delicious coffee and cupcake at the famed Baked and Wired. The cappuccino was on POINT and I was able to find a seat to drink my coffee inside the store, but it was really busy so I headed out into the sun and sat by the Canal to munch on my Coconut cupcake. YUMMM!
  • 2nd Time Around: After my delicious cupcake and coffee I strolled around G-town and found this great place. Mostly it was WAY above my price range but I spotted a cute little bow ring (I SWEAR it’s Kate Spade) for $15 with 10% off! Such a cute find. The girl’s in front of me straight up spent $1300 in that store…not kidding it was insane. But they were Libra’s so you know…
  • National Gallery of ArtThe best place in the world. From the Hagia Sophia inspired dome to the impressionist wing to the Greek-esque statues this place is just the best. Not only do art museums make me feel HECKA body positive they also are so full of color and people who actually like art…which is really hard to find. My Dad has always instilled in me a love for culture and the arts and this is just my idea of a really great afternoon, though I was being a little snarky with the snapchats ahahhah! Can’t get enough of Art History memes and snarky art museum snapchats ya’ll.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Treasury Vintage/MEEPSI took a detour on the way, but eventually landed off by U Street in my favorite DC Hood, the 14th street area. Treasury is a place that I had passed by many times but had never gotten to explore. This place is APTLY named, I stepped inside an there was just an plethora of sparkles, colors, textures and just really beautiful clothing from different decades. I didn’t buy anything but I did take the following photo from one of their beautiful rooms (Kelly’s dream room) and talk to this woman who told me she was a freelance fashion stylist which I thought was basically the coolest thing I had ever heard. So pretty. So unnecessary. So not in my budget. Le sigh.


  • Current Boutique: I already knew about this place from my time in Alexandria, but love this 14th street version! I found a big Longchamp Le Pliage for $50 which was PERFECT and also tried on this crushed velvet maroon gown…which is totally not something I needed but it was so pretty. I got into the dressing room and was in LOVE with it. You know when something makes you look like an amazing version of yourself and you’re just like in awe of how amazing you look. That was this gown. But I left without it because I didn’t need it for any events or anything, which was very sad.

    ***I put this picture on Facebook and everyone INCLUDING my Mom and sister said to immediately go and get it and if I didn’t I was crazy…so..I had to go back and get it on Monday!!! <3***


  • Buffalo ExchangeThis is one of my fave places both in DC and in my second home, Boulder, CO. The 14th street location always has GREAT stuff that actually is in my size so I prefer it to many of the other Buffalo Exchanges. I picked up an adorable ASOS Curve hippy dress with bell sleeves which is so versatile and on trend. Love me some ASOS Curve.
  • Dolcezza: Had my third coffee (a dirty chai) latte at this great little European cafe. I would have loved to hang out in here forever, but sadly there was no seating.


  • Drafting TableSince all I’d eaten all day was a half of a cupcake….I decided to meet my roommate on 14th street. Since she is a big beer and burger fan, I chose this gastro pub which has $4 beer (ALL THE TIME YA’LL!) and one of the best burgers I have ever had. Plus it’s decorated like an architect’s desk…which was pretty cute. Seriously get yourself the Draftsman burger, it’s so bangin!

If you’ve never taken yourself on a date, I highly recommend it! Not only did I come out of my “date” feeling renewed, I also learned a lot about myself, had fun, met a bunch of cool people, explored, felt light, learned about a bunch of cool stuff and got QUITE a workout. It really was the #BESTDAYEVER !

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4 thoughts on “A Date with Myself: #BestDayEver

    1. I know! I was surprised I was able to do so much actually! I didn’t wake up early or anything cuz ain’t no one got time for that! 😂

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