5 of the Best Fall Fast Fashion Finds at Forever21

….Say that one ten times fast….WHEW!

I have a love-hate relationship with Forever21. Do they sometimes treat their plus sized section like a catch all for literally the most ridiculous clothing I’ve ever seen? Yes. Do they also actually produce the + section with MUCH better actual adherence to little things like hems and fabrics, etc so that your clothing doesn’t fall apart in seconds? Also, yes.

Check out these finds for yourself and let me know what you’re looking at this fall in the comments below!

1. A silky bomber for when you’re not sure if it’s hot or cold or if it’s still 98 degrees outside but like…30 degrees in your office. 

Plus Size Satin Bomber Jacket

Forever21+, $34.90, find it here. For you small folk here.

Plus Size Floral Bomber Jacket

Forever21+, $27.90, find it here.

I could see myself wearing this a lot of places. Light jackets like this always come in handy when you’re transitioning from one season to another (aka Hell Fire into “north of the wall”). I would wear this over a fit and flare dress, adding dark tights as weather got colder. Maybe over a crop top for a little more coverage or even as pictured here with ripped up boyfriend jeans. This is versatile and adds a utilitarian – feminine flair to pretty much anything which is basically my life mantra.

2. A criss-cross applesauce shirt that you can wear when you feel badass…AND when you feel a little more demure because ties.

Plus Size Lace-Up Top

Forever21+, $14.90, buy it here. Here it is in mustard for ya’ll under size 12 peeps.

This is a pretty trendy-trend…but for $15 why not! Channel your inner goth Kardashian, or tie the ties a little tighter to show just a hint of skin while being super kewl. Basically you could wear this anywhere you could wear a black long-sleeve top. Love that this is bracelet/3/4 is length which I feel like is the most flattering. I would wear this with jeans, possibly highwaisted flares in a 70’s sort of way, or with a mini and tights with crushed velvet platforms ala 90’s chicks.

3. A shirt that says “I’m somehow wearing a navy blue puffy shirt but I still look like I could fight you” also says “I love the Ren Fest…but not like…THAT much”

Plus Size Lace-Up Top

Forever21+, $19.90, Buy it here.

Plus Size Lace-Up Floral Top

Forever21+, $22.90, Find it here.

Plus Size Lace-Up Top

Forever21+, $22.90, Find it here.

This shirt does look suspiciously puffy…but hear me out. The sleeve detail is ridiculously on trend for fall. The navy color is pretty versatile, and you definitely can lace up the front so as not to have your bits all hanging out. The floral and white area also equally as versatile. This could be equally as cute with ye olde Renaissance festival garb as it could be with shorts (in early fall times) and later just simply with jeans or a button-front A line mini.

4. A jacket that will provide you warmth and the added bonus of no train-creepers or street-harassers asking you to goddamn smile. A girl can dream.

Plus Size Moto Jacket

Forever21+, $39.90, find it here. For you lil’s you can find an awesome mustard one here. Guess straight-size F21 is all about mustard this fall. *shrug*

Truth be told, if you haven’t already gotten on the moto/leather jacket train you’re probably too sad to even have gotten on your computer at this point. But don’t worry. F21 is here to save you with a jacket that actually feels like a thick, snuggly, faux leathery hug every time you slip it on. I have the black version of this jacket and it’s the tits. The pink one is whispering sweet nothings in my ears. That should make you smile.

5. A slouchy, sexy sweater for all those “Sweater Weather” snaps and instagrams to your besties. 

Plus Size V-Neck Sweater

Plus Size V-Neck Sweater

Forever21+, $19.90, Find it here.

Plus Size Maxi Ribbed Cardigan

Forever21+, $19.90, Find it here.

You know you’re gonna want to throw on a sweater early this fall, even though it’s still like…86 flipping degrees out. Whatever. You do you. It is still cold at night and in your office so these transitional friends are perfect. Chose a slouchy style for weekend hangouts or throw over a dress or skirt for more structured environments. Make sure to snap it all. #sweaterweather #fallisbae #pumpkinsareinseason

What are your favorite fall trends? Are you more a chili mocha or Pumpkin Spice latte girl (assuming you buy into the corporate coffee structure). Let me know in the comments! 


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