(Very) Last minute Halloween costume ideas for groups and singles

Omg guys…it’s Halloween. So…cue panic.

If you’re still looking for a last minute costume, bless your heart. Here’s a few ideas for things you can do in two hours or less no sewing needed!


Couples/Group Costume: 

  • Netflix and chill: This was me and my bf’s costume this year…and we put it together in two hours. Print out a bunch of Netflix stills and stick it on some black poster board, then get a box and paint it to look like fridge. Bam!
  • Starbucks latte: Get two poster boards and draw a big Starbuck’s logo on it. Each person is one half of the cup. Add pillow stuffing to the top for added “latte” realness.
  • Gnomes: My friend did this this year and it’s genius. Just wear green tights, shorts and plain colored t-shirts and get poster board “hats” and paint them. Then walk around together.
  • Emoji: Pink shirt girls, dancing girls, sports people, or literally just the smiley faces. This is so simple!

Singles costume:

  • Literally any one of the characters from Rocky Horror. Key items include, frizzy fluffed out hair, a black dress, fishnets and heels, a little apron and insane makeup with a red lip, or butler stuff like a tux but with creepy additions.
  • Basic-Bee: Just wear your most basic outfit and get a bee headband. Key items: Uggs, bee headband (and wings), Starbucks cup, flannel, leggings.
  • 2004 person: My friend totally pulled off TWO of these this year! Hey guys early 2000’s fashion was the worst. I think we can agree. Channel all your old High School stuff by dressing up in your emo Blink 182 gear or your Mean Girl’s era stuff and call it a costume. Whatever. Key items: velour tracksuit, Von Dutch hats, streaky hair, dark messy eyeliner, knee socks, studded belts, weird shoelaces or flip flops.
  • Witch(es) from American Horror Story: So easy…and chic! Key items: long black dress, fancy but dark details like a dark lip. Add a wide brim hat, a bunch of jewelry and braids and you’re Beyonce. Make this a couple’s costume by just adding a dead Evan Peters. Make it a group costume by having you and your crew all dress as a coven.

What are you going to be this year? Any great ideas you’ve seen that you’d like to share?


Any comments from the peanut gallery??

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