Brunches and Boots: 5 of the Best Brunches in DC Paired with the Perfect Fall Boots

…..because reasons….also I will never recommend boots/shoes that are not walkable because that’s not my life. If I wouldn’t buy it, it’s not worth recommending. No baby-giraffing or dying on a cobblestone here. #girlpower


Warehouse Bar & Grill: Alexandria, VA

This place is literally the cheapest brunch ($12 for food and drink!) you will get in DC (at LEAST South of Adam’s Morgan). This is a white tablecloth place so I wouldn’t recommend wearing your sneakers, but definitely sipping champagne and strawberry’s in a pair of wine colored block heel booties will be just dressed up enough without looking like you tried too hard.

These stack heeled booties from Old Navy go with literally everything and are my favorite shoes in the world and super walkable…so there’s that.


Old, $44.94 (but wait for a sale or Old Navy bucks…duh!)


The Heights: Columbia Heights, Washington, D.C.

This place has BOMBBBBB mimosa. You can choose from several different juices to compliment your champagne and they bring it out to you in several carafes so you can mix and match based on your taste. Literally all their food is good and there is tons of space inside and out on their patio for a nice day!

These booties are the perfect compliment to your transitional wardrobe. They’re sort of a well heeled desert boot. Wear them bare-legged while it’s nice out and then once it gets cold, pair it with tights or pants and it’s JUST AS CUTE! Score! (Also right now at Target: Spend $40, save $10 on clothing, shoes, accessories. Use promo code: STYLE)

target-desert-boot, $34.99 

Le Diplomate: 14th Street, Washington D.C.

This brunch will have you feeling fancy AF. If you like feeling like you’re on the continent versus in smelly old DC this restaurant is perfect for you. Step inside and feel like you’re literally in a swinging Parisian cafe. There’s lots of seating inside and out, but this restaurant is literally always full…so plan accordingly. They have a banging burger too…which makes no sense…but pairs awesomely with French cocktails and pastries. OUI OUI, MON CHERIE!

Since you fancy now, try out this over the knee boot for days spent sipping apertifs and munching on croissants like a classy broad. If it gets chilly wear them with tights. Keep it classy by making sure that your skirt comes right to the top of the boots and is long enough so no one sees London OR France without your knowledge.


Old, $52.94 *Full disclosure, I just bought these boots and am SO excited!*

Maketto, H Street, DC.

Maketto is basically the epitome of cool. Their brunch isn’t even called brunch (Maketto brunch =Dim Sum menu) and it’s only on Sunday. Since this is a DC fave make sure you plan accordingly. I haven’t actually been here for brunch…but I’m looking forward to trying the rice noodle crepe and crispy fried dumplings! MMM!

Since H Street is basically the Brooklyn of DC, ditch your K Street attire for something a little more creative. These higher cut booties are super trendy, but still a little more walkable with the chunky heel and Chelsea boot design.

makemechic-chelsea, $39

El Centro, 14th Street, DC

El Centro has a $35 bottomless brunch (drinks AND food) so make sure you’re ready to brunch SUPER hard when you go here. It has a Central American/traditional American fusion going on. This is consistently on my list of wanting-to-go-here brunches but is always filled up. It’s super sad. So make sure you make a plan and rally the troops early to get a spot.

These boots which are mostly flat and SUPER walkable for when you inevitably stroll out of here tipsy. They’re basically like fancy hiking boots. And maybe it’s because I’m writing this from Colorado…but that seems like the ideal fall boot to me! This style comes in cognac or black so you have options!

forever21 hiking inspired.png, $34.90

Any recs for boots or brunches in the area? Are you more of a mimosa or bloody mary human? Let me know in the comments below!




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