5 Night Time Skincare Must Haves for Transitional Weather

A wise woman {at Sephora} once told me that your night time skin care routine should make you feel like you’re in your own private spa. That’s basically my mantra for the night time…that and “chocolate heals all”


It is that time of the year again…SPRINNNG (maybe?)! Unfortunately, this also means it’s that time of the year when your skin freaks out and you have a million different temperatures and weather patterns to deal with*.

*If you live in some place that has all the same weather…then congratu-freaking-lations you can just read along and keep quiet about your awesome living situation. Thanks.

1. Pond’s Dry Skin Cream

You ladies with oily skin might want to stay away from using this stuff on your whole face…but for people like me with SUPER dry skin, especially in the winter, this old school favorite is a gem. It’s super moisturizing, cheap, and lasts forever. If you don’t want to use this on your whole face, slap it on your windburned nose and even use it as a moisturizing hand cream. If you have any questions about this product, ask your Granny…it’s been around for decades and is still awesome. Just like your Granny (probably).

2. Cetaphil Face Wash

This is another product that beauty editors and the general public consistently rate highly. It’s not stripping (won’t dry out your skin) and the pump bottle will last you just as long as your Pond’s cream (read: an eternity). I especially like it because it’s good for all skin types and it’s very very gentle.

3. Vichy Aqualia Thermale Eye Awakening Balm

I got this stuff on clearance at CVS for $7 (usually over $20!!) and love it. It’s a super light formula that isn’t greasy or creamy, which is great because sometimes I get eye cream in my eyes and it hurts and also thick formulas tend to give me those weird little white under eye bumps! I also like it because it feels SO soft, is a generous size for eye cream, and plumps up my under eyes with pure caffeine (no literally).

Also, this is a  “balm” not a cream. It’s sort of like the love child of a cream and a gel. It’s super light, and contains hyaluronic acid for deep hydration that locks water into your skin.I’m not a scientist, but you can read more about it here. I wear it at night but you can use it in the morning too…it is super light so it would be great under makeup. Basically= super hydration.

Vichy is a well known brand in Europe and their products are amazing. If you haven’t tried them yet, definitely get on that.

*Hot tip: Google their brand and what things do before hand so that you don’t have to try to remember the French you took in 8th grade when you read the package!*

night skincare

4. Lush’s “The Sacred Truth” fresh mask

Everything about Lush  is just the best. You walk into the store and it’s like a magical, scented, hippie heaven. On my most recent trip to Lush, the salesperson recommended this mask for my dry skin and it is AMAZING! They mix these things with actual nature and you have to refrigerate it (which by the way is a great feeling…mmm!) and then you leave it on your face while you soak in a tub with one of their bath bombs for 5-10 minutes.

Honestly one of the most life changing face masks I’ve ever used. My skin feels soft, moisturized and somehow also exfoliated when I use it. Plus it’s all natural, the packaging is recyclable and my face mask was made by some smiling dude named “Kevin” apparently. HI KEVIN! Thanks for the face mask!

5. Simple Face Wipes

Did I trick all of you into thinking that I take pristine care of my face every single night? GOOD. Now here’s the real truth…Simple face wipes save my lazy self a lot of the time. I use them to remove really stubborn makeup and sometimes (you know those nights) just basically to wash my face without getting up from bed. They’re super gentle, not too expensive (but be about that coupon life, folks!!) and really do the job. I don’t recommend subbing out your skincare routine for face wipes…but they definitely are a huge help. There are also different types for different needs (makeup removal, oily skin, etc.).

Alternatively, Sephora makes Rose face wipes that are great…however, going to Sephora on a Sunday yields very few products and I couldn’t replace them in time for the blog.

What are your beauty must haves for night time? Do you change up your skincare routine throughout the year?

Up Next: Skincare for Morning! (ewww!)

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