10 Skin Care Products to Update your Spring Routine

…they started selling The Ordinary at Sephora and I bought ALL THE THINGS for like $20…


I’ve never been the type to have one routine…and my skincare is no different! I love trying different types of products and changing things up as I learn about new formulations or just with my mood or the season. These products are in my rotation right now and some of them you may recognize from my previous skincare posts as OG Low Low Style favorites. Plus, if you haven’t checked out The Ordinary yet…you’re missing out SO hard.

  1. Purity Made Simple Ultra-Light Moisturizer  ($25) – This moisturizer was recommended by a Sephora employee…and while I usually breeze on in there like I know everything…this was actually a super cool req. Not only is this pretty amazing product size for price (I mean…at Sephora) this product also works across skin types and is thick enough to handle my super dry wind-whipped winter skin. I also got a sample of the new scrub/mask from Philosophy and am pumped to pick that up on my next Sephora run.
  2. The Ordinary Rosehip Oil ($9.80) – SOOOOO Sephora started carrying The Ordinary online…I had already been staking this skincare brand RELENTLESSLY before this debut and was so excited to try it. Rosehip oil is basically the retinol alternative for those of you that are not looking to mess with a super strong retinol and would rather go a from-nature route. This stuff is suuuuuuper strong so go easy on it.
  3. Origins GinZing Eye Cream ($31) – This cream is my ride-or-die. It has reflecting particles in it so when I wake up in the morning I look like a person who actually slept…instead of the smart phone obsessed blue-light warrior that I am. *Last time I bought this cream I got it in a kit they had on sale in Sephora for $45 that came with a full version of this cream as well as several other products! Score!* #desertislandmusthave
  4. La Roche-Posay Effaclear Gel Cleanser ($15)- Love this little guy. I am into the brand’s sunscreen, but am seriously loving this cleanser for days when I need to really get into my pores and my oil cleanser from L’Occitane won’t cut it. It’s super gentle and cleans out the pores like woah.
  5. Caudalie Instant Detox Mask ($39 *Got mine as part of a kit*) – Oh Caudalie…how I love you! From your flowery sounding French name to a spritz of your l’eau sprays! This little guy is a calming pink mask that does all the things without drying. Also, it’s a really cute shade of blush. This is great for all skin types.
  6. Fresh Rose Face mask ($25)- if you know me well you know I adore roses. Everything about them makes me happy, and this face mask is no different. It’s’ super toning and hydrating and smells beautiful and luxurious. I received this as part of a Sephora Play! box, and love it so far. If I don’t get that Philosophy scrub mask, this may be my next purchase. Or honestly, maybe this is a multi-masking situation.
  7. Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator ($34) – This scrub is AMAZING! It’s teeny tiny graduals (micro dermatologist approved!) really feel like their digging in there, but they’re gentle. I use this quite often, but the whole thing has lasted quite a long time. I got it originally as a sample in my Birchbox and saved up points to buy the full thing. Love it!

  8. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution ($6,70)- This is one of the newer products in my arsenal, so I still have yet to see tangible results from it. But I love massaging this beneath my eyes and thinking of my under eye bags taking teeny tiny espresso shots (because that’s clearly how skin science works).
  9. Nectar Skin Serum ($40) – I tried a little sample of this potent oil from Take Care Shop in Georgetown, DC and I fell in love. Gotta love an argan oil mix. I layer a thicker cream, like the Avene Hydrance cream you see here over this oil. Also, it’s kinda bright…so be careful with your bedsheets!
  10. The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone ($6.80) – Vitamin C is all about brightening the skin…and something about the tingle this cream gives me makes me believe this is SUPER working. Just me?
What are you getting into this season? Are you sticking with your winter balms still, or are you itching to get back into lighter formulations for Spring/Summer?






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