5 Gym Bag Essentials for when you just CAN’T

Can someone check to make sure my butt is still there? 

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Waterbottle: Five Below, $5, Socks: Pure Barre, $15, Lip balm: Birchbox, $14, Rollerball: “Immune Boost” YoungLiving Essential Oils (click here for details)

So if you’ve been following me on social media, you know that I’ve recently been taking classes at Pure Barre. I signed up for a 5-week unlimited course and have basically been taking it 4-5 times a week to get my money’s worth. But some days I just feel like…Ugh I just CAN’T with today.

All this toting my gym and teleworking stuff, and running around the city on the metro or a series of busses has me getting to my evening or mid-day barre classes hecka tired.

My friend Melissa, a YoungLiving independent distributor, recently got into essential oils and has been showing me how they work for her and her family. While I don’t have kids I do definitely have a nose…and these things smell AWESOME, can be used all over my bachelorette pad… and have very therapeutic effects!

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1) Essential Oil Necklace/ Locket

Did you know you can wear essential oils inside a necklace? Neither did I!? My friend also sent me over this beautiful little locket necklace and I put a stress reliving mix of essential oils into the small pad that goes inside the locket. It had me sniffing it all day and certainly made me feel calmer. After the gym, it makes a wall of scentedness that keeps the people on my travels home from holding their nose. Score.

*Bonus: you can sniff this thing when you smell a bad smell on the metro or on the street like some fancy Victorian lady…#itworks*

2) Boost Rollerball

Right before my workouts, I’ve been using the “Boost” rollerball (20 drops thieves essential oil + 10 lemon essential oil + fractionated coconut oil) and rolling it onto my wrists and a little on my neck as a caffeine-free pick me up before the torture class begins. This essential oil blend also helps to support the immune system, which hey, everyone needs these first few days of “spring”!

3) Sephora Rose cleansing wipes

After the class, I wipe my face with these great Rose scented wipes from Sephora (they were back in stock!!!) so I’m not totally dripping in sweat and gross-ness. These guys smell SO good and the pack comes with quite a few wipes. Seriously, they go out of stock all the time..at SEPHORA…so you know they’re good.

5) Birchbox Arrow BOOST Color Enhancing Lipbalm

This has been one of my favorites ever since I first tried it in Birchbox. It also comes as part of a set with an aluminum free deodorant that I also love. I use this balm on my lips and I also swipe it on my cheeks for a glowy before-gym blush (because for real…who doesn’t swipe on some concealer and mascara before working out with a bunch of really pretty people!). It works with your body’s PH to go from clear to a perfect rosy pink for your skin tone, plus it moisturizes! I’ve bought three tubes since Birchbox launched their ARROW line

This post has been sponsored in part by YoungLiving Essential Oils distributor, Melissa Houck. All YoungLiving essential oils were given to me as a sample, but opinions in this blog are all my own. If you’d like to contact to learn more, try some samples or ask questions contact her here. 

What are your gym bag “essentials”? What products on this blog have you tried? Tell me below! 




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