5 Things to Try to Find More Peace Before Bed

Does anyone ever feel like they’re actually a little too caffeinated? 

Alcohol inhibits your sleep (or something?) so reaching for that second glass of wine is not always going to be your best approach for winding down after a long day of work (whether your work is kiddos or adult humans who act like kiddos). While these approaches are not scientifically tested, they ARE CharmCityThriftanista tested and that is good enough…right? Right.

*CharmCityThriftanista does love wine so this is not an affront on wine by any means, btw*

  1. Put your phone on a blue light filter:


    iPhone has this as an option automatically, but you can also add this to your laptop and other devices by searching your respective app store or downloading f.lux for computers. For some weird reason, the blue light messes with your circadian rhythms. I am not an expert on this…but I do know one…so.

  2. Get scents-ible about it:

    Lol sorry. But really, aromatherapy is one of the key functions that gets me feeling like I’m home, safe and relaxed. Here are a few ideas for how you can use scents to relax.


    1. Drop essential oils in your bath (just about 3 or 4 drops should be good). More information about what to use to support different body systems and moods here. I like lavender and peppermint super high quality YoungLiving oils, especially if I’ve worked out. But they have a bunch of different oils to use depending on your needs.
    2. Use a diffuser for fire-risk-free way to make your room or house smell amazing. Use just a few drops of essential oil and water and buy a budget friendly diffuser here.
    3. If you’re fine with candles, I definitely recommend going to Marshalls or TJ Maxx and picking up some inexpensive candles, or going to Bath and Body works when your favorite scents are on sale. My faves are “Peony petals” from Marshalls, and the “Stress” line from Bath and Body works.
  3. Read or listen to an audio book an hour before bed, instead of scrolling through Insta:


    I’m probably the number one rule-breaker of this one, but I notice the difference in my sleep and how early I feel sleepy when I listen to my books from Audible (LOVE Audible! You can get your first month free…more on that here) or when I read from a real life paper book. Again, you’re trying to reduce blue light before bed, so your Kindle Fire or iPad might not be the best option.  I’ve been reading “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak and I would definitely recommend reading ‘The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood if you haven’t read it yet. Let me know in the comments below if you have any good book recommendations…or add me on Goodreads.

  4. Write down what you’re grateful for, or write through an issue that has been bothering you:


    Leave it all on the paper, and don’t take it with you into your sleep…or into your day. If you have an issue that is making you angry, write it out…but then also list things that you’re grateful for. This can be creative writing too, if you’re into writing poetry and short-stories like I am.  If you’re religious, praying through your day and praying for the needs of others can also help you to focus on purposefulness instead of constantly dwelling on your annoying co-worker. I like to write these things down too so I can see when prayers are answered as well as noticing change.

  5. Mindfulness:


    I use an app that talks you to sleep (no literally, this yoga-teacher sounding lady just talks about gratefulness until I fall asleep). If you’re not into a talking app, playing some peaceful faith-based music, or some sleepy yoga type music will put you in a restful and peaceful mood before bed. Check spotify for a slew of “sleepytime” playlists. Hey, maybe your dreams will be about chilling in a rose garden and not about re-hashing that old nightmare about zombie invasions.  Does anyone else have zombie invasion dreams? Hmu in the comments.

This post has been sponsored in part by YoungLiving Essential Oils distributor, Melissa Houck. All YoungLiving essential oils were given to me as a sample, but opinions in this blog are all my own. If you’d like to contact to learn more, try some samples or ask questions contact her here. 

What do you use to relax at the end of your day? Have you noticed some activities, products or practices that work better than others? Tell me in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “5 Things to Try to Find More Peace Before Bed

  1. Great advice! I have such a hard time falling asleep at night, mostly because I have a one year old who wakes up often. But I love essential oils in the bath, I’ll have to get a diffuser soon!

    1. Me too! Audible even has a sleep function that you can turn on, so you can listen to a book with your eyes closed and not worry about falling asleep!

  2. Thank you for this post. It is really helpful. I had a huge problem going to bed early, and every morning I was waking up as a zombie. I read a lot on my iPad, and recently I discovered that iPad and iPhones have the “Night Shift” option for the night light.

    1. Me too! I wrote this in part to myself…so that I can shape up too and stop having to force myself to say goodbye to Twitter!

  3. I like these ideas. I have never been on social media until I started my website and blog and I find that I am NOT going to be with a peaceful mind at all. I dream about blogs and pinning in my sleep. So weird! I will take on some of the tips you gave from here on out!

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