5 Ways to Make your Winter Hygge Haute

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If you haven’t heard of the Danish notion of hygge (really: hoo-gah but I prefer to get hygge with it) then get ready for the best thing you’ve heard all winter. Hygge is basically the mindful act of being cozy and honestly when it’s this cold out….cozy is the best feeling in the world. So get ready to be extra cozy with a few of my favorite Hygge must-haves.

*sorry in advance to the Danish people for all the Hygge puns*

  1. A Sherpa Sweater

Since saw this Sherpa sweatshirt in Altar’d state I knew I needed one. I did a quick search on Poshmark and found the one and only true love of my life. Since that day, I have not taken it off because it essentially feels like a constant hug from a teddy bear. I feel so cozy in it and have given myself SEVERAL hugs during the day. Plus, everyone wants to hug me including: friends, the kids I babysit and….random cute strangers (just kidding. A girl can dream.)

Sherpa sweatshirt, Amazon.com, $42 – $50

2. Hand knit Irish Wool Socks / Extremely fuzzy Wool socks

The hand knit socks that I got in Ireland while on my trip have been heavy in my rotation the last few days. Between frigid cold (at least for Virginia) and a little bit of rogue snow, I haven’t wanted to really leave my house. These socks, especially when worn with thin athletic socks underneath are the only thing that seems to keep my toes actually warm. A close backup is my SmartWool socks and a pair of double lined Columbia socks with grippies.

Connemara Wool Blend Fleck Socks, $19.99, Amazon.com.

3. A reusable heating pad

My heating pad has been in my life for about five years now, and I literally use it all the time. Even my roommates borrow it and love it. It smells calming, is totally reusable and easily microwaves for lasting heat. This one from Etsy even has a tie option so you can use the heating pad on the go!

Large Organic Lavender Aromatherapy Heating Pad, Etsy.com, $28.60

4. Your favorite candle

Hot tip (lol)! I love this brand of candle…but $25 for a candle? Eh! You can scoop this brand as well as several high quality hand poured options at Marshalls and TJ Maxx for a portion of the price! With the holidays over you know those candles are gonna be chillin on the clearance racks! #thriftytips

Paddywax Bergamot + Mahogany Hygge Candle, $25.84, Amazon.com.

5. Cuddly leggings

Fleece lined leggings are the perfect way to keep your legs mobile, but also stay perfectly comfy and toasty when chilling at home. The layering a thin pair under your jeans for particularly cold days! These are particularly soft (and machine washable)!

Aerie Play leg warmer legging, $35, ae.com

What do you look for in your loungewear…more importantly where do you get your candles from? For more inspo check out Girl’s Night In Club on Insta for snuggly self-care vibes!

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