5 Ways to stop being a trashy human

In 2018 one of my biggest resolutions is to create less waste. When I created this blog, I built it on the core beliefs of saving money, following fashion trends and re-using rather than purchasing all the time. This year, I’m taking that to heart as I act daily to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Here’s a few ways that I’ve employed to really easily reduce the harmful effects of things we do everyday. Yay environment!

1. Bring a water bottle

Nalgene Water bottle, 16 Oz, $10

This is so basic! Get one that matches your style (preferably in double walled metal or glass) and take it with you everywhere! If you don’t want to lug one with you, leave one at work, in your car, take a small one in your bag for your commute. Trust me, this is an easy change and will leave you with more cash in your wallet, more hydration in your skin and fewer plastics in our streams and ecosystems! BONUS!

2. Curb your crappy coffee habits

Coffee (or tea) at your local coffee shop is always a fun treat, but if you’re going a lot and using a paper cup, cup sleeve, lid and maybe a stirrer or a couple things of sugar you’re accumulating a LOT of waste. The cool thing is, most coffee shops (yes, even Starbucks) will allow you to bring your own coffee cup and fill it, without even a blink.

Snapseal Byron Stainless Steel Mug, $12.99, GoContigo.com

I cannot recommend the Contigo brand enough for this change (no, they aren’t sponsoring me to say this, though I wish they were *hint hint*). I’ve had my Contigo mug for about 4 years now and this baby is TOUGH! It doesn’t leak, doesn’t break, and keeps my coffee hot for literally six hours. I also recommend their clear tall cold drink cup which has a lid with a long straw. This is great for iced coffee (if you take out the straw it’s leak-proof) and it’s also double-walled (so your hands don’t get super cold). It’s also great for smoothies.

Autoclose Shake and Go Tumbler, $14.99, GoContigo.com

Process: To get your latte waste-free, just hand the barista you coffee mug sans lid and have them fill it up with your latte. Pick it up at the end of the line and be on your merry way.

3. Take an extra few steps to recycle or compost

This one is just as simple as utilizing your options. It’s wayyyy to easy to just forget to recycle things, so make it easy on yourself and have a process.

It always helps to have compost at your house (which you should definitely look into, if you haven’t), but you can also utilize your work and eating out infrastructures to work.

If you get carry out from a place that composts, take your leftover stuff back at the end of the day and compost it. If you don’t see a recycling, ask…or start your own.

I live in quite a yuppie area and my workplace tries to be green, but any step you can take where you are is helping! Go you!

4. Bring reusable bags with you everywhere

Reusable foldable grocery bags, $19.

Bags come in many different iterations: shopping, sandwich, produce. And ALL of them come in a reusable version.

The easiest of these changes is swapping out any plastic shopping bags in your life, for reusable versions. My favorites are those bags that literally fold into a little pocket sized ball, but I also really enjoy the Trader Joe’s canvas bags, and for a car-free option a chic rolling cart.

Sandwich bags, snack bags and gallon bags can easily be replaced by reusable bags in a million different colors and shapes.

Product bags can be changed out for simple canvas or mesh produce bags, and easily washed and reused.

5. Swap face wipes for washable makeup remover pads

This isn’t the exact pack I have, but the ones I have I picked up at Marshalls for $8, so that’s a good bet too, if you’re not on the Prime life. My process for makeup removal in 3 seconds: put organic Argan oil on eyes (and lips if you have a matte or intense lip), warm up water and put magic makeup remover underneath, wipe of makeup, follow by cleanser. SO. FAST. Also, I checked with a local natural makeup artist and she follows this process as well. These are machine washable and super easy to use. You won’t miss your face wipes.

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