5 Fashion Rules I Always Break


To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure about this jacket AT ALL! This jean jacket is not my normal style and the color was something I knew would be a challenge. I saw my friend, Catherine of Dreamy Realist, picked out this jacket and I really liked it!

I’m always down to experiment with fashion and really go for a trend that others might not try. Sometimes, this works out well (hello fashion crop tops and wide leg pants) and sometimes it doesn’t (never again on drop waist dresses though they are SO cute). I’ve heard comments from my friends and from my readers saying “I could never pull that off” and it honestly makes me a little sad. Of course you can, girl! If you like it, make it work for you. So get in there, mix it up, try on different and new things and let go of fear. Fashion doesn’t always have to be so serious…have some fun and if it’s not for you…keep on trying things out until you find something you like!


Earrings: Rent the Runway via Marchesa 

Here are my favorite “rules” to break: 

Dress for your “body type”

The joy of fashion is trying new things. Wearing the same thing that looks flattering on you all the time is not super fun or artistic. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try on things that might not be perfectly “flattering.”

Don’t mix Brown, Black, and Blue

Why not? They look great together, try it out. Recently, these colors have been popping up color blocked against each other, or even in prints and the combination really looks fresh and new.


Jacket: Rent the Runway via Samantha Sipos, Sweater: H&M, Dress: Target, Bag: Marc Fischer, Glasses: Mint Condition in Alexandria, Shoes: Aldo.

Pink and red together is only for Valentine’s Day

Pink and red are great together! While Valentine’s Day definitely had the lock on pink and red, I’m loving seeing these two colors in street style pictures. Also, check out how well mustard and red play in this outfit!

Don’t wear black in summer, or white in winter

Sure, black tends to retain warmth…but dressing in colors not traditionally used in certain seasons is all about making sure that the fabric of your outfit is right for the season. A breezy black outfit in light cotton or linen is perfect for a minimalist summer look, while substantial whites in brocade or faux fur are luxe for winter outfits.


Dress for your date, not for yourself

This is my favorite rule to break! For many years I’ve dressed like I thought men would want me to dress. However, now I just focus on being myself. Do I look maybe a little extra walking into a date wearing a neck scarf, a beret, and mixed patterns? Maybe. But that’s exactly who I am, why would I hide that?

What are your favorite rules to break? Anything you’ve resolved to try out this year? 


4 thoughts on “5 Fashion Rules I Always Break

  1. Yas girl! I like how you view style! I have to admit, I am def someone who likes to play it safe. I think it’s amazing that you view style as a reflection of your personality (never hide it!). Though we’re breaking all the rules here, I like the mantra “do you.” Work that beret!

    1. You’re like the queen of preppy-sporty-cute, Cierra! ❤ You always gotta do you…for me that's somewhere between dressing like a pretty pretty princess and someone who wants to repel all men with absolutely bonkers items. Don't know what I want to call that? Princess Repulsion? AHAH!

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