Why I’m Wearing 31 Dresses in 31 Days

Fashion is fun, it’s a personalized art that can change and move with your mood, the weather, and the trends of the day. The thing about fashion is it isn’t just about fun—it also makes a difference.

When I found out about Dressember via a newsletter from International Justice Mission, an organization that I support, I was thrilled to use my love of fashion (and my much beloved Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription) for a cause that I care so deeply about.

This year, I am raising funds and awareness as part of the Dressember campaign. Dressember is a month long style challenge that raises funds and awareness to bring an end to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Earrings: Area Stars (via Rent the Runway), Dress: Tanya Taylor (via the Rent the Runway)

All month long, you’ll see me wearing a dress or a skirt as a way to start powerful conversations and create critical awareness about this issue. Through the 31 days of Dressember, I’ll be sharing about this issue and why it is important to me…so get ready for an onslaught of dresses for a difference!

Here are some quick stats about human trafficking to understand the problem more holistically:

  • It is projected that there are about 40.3 million victims of human trafficking world wide. (United Nations)
  • 25% of human trafficking victims are children. (ILO)
  • Human Trafficking is a $150 billion industry. (ILO)
  • Human trafficking has been reported in all 50 U.S. States. (Human Rights First)
  • 71% of trafficking victims around the world or women and girls and 29% are men and boys. (ILO)

Dressember is a partnership that raises funds that go directly to victims of modern day slavery and sex trafficking and provides things like:

  • Creating a fund that goes toward legal representation for women (and men) that have been trafficked
  • Creating technology that helps eliminate human trafficking online
  • Assisting at-risk youth with services to keep them out of trafficking situations
  • Physically rescuing people trapped in slavery in places like South Asia (some of my friends help with the missions and wow…they’re truly incredible.)
Dress: Tanya Taylor (via the Rent the Runway), Jacket: ASOS (via Postmark), Bag: Kate Spade (via Rent the Runway), Boots: Calvin Klein (via ThredUp)
Dress: Tanya Taylor (via the Rent the Runway), Boots: Calvin Klein (via ThredUp)

I’ve already worn a dress every day this month, and have reached 10% of my goal. With your help, I know we can raise some extra cash for the cause! Even small amounts add up! If you can’t help right now, I totally understand. Please share my campaign, and consider joining me next year! I’m so excited to see what we can do together!

Thank you for your help, lovelies!

















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